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The Red Lotus sentries are low-ranking members of the Red Lotus.[1]


After P'Li cornered all the new airbenders at the Northern Air Temple, she ushered them in an airship and released them in the custody of four Red Lotus sentries. They guided them deeper into the cave-complex that served as an impromptu prison and shackled them all to the floor by their wrists. Two sentries remained behind to guard the entrance to that cave, while the other two later joined Zaheer, Ming-Hua, and Ghazan in the cave in which Korra was being held captive. While one of them carried the bowl of poison, the other bent the lethal substance through the Avatar's skin on Zaheer's command in order to trigger the Avatar State. However, after she entered the state and managed to break free from her bonds, the two sentries hastily retreated deeper into the caves, out of harm's way.

Meanwhile, two Red Lotus sentries who were guarding the airbenders were lured into a trap set by Jinora: while Ikki and Meelo drew the guards' attention, Pema managed to persuade one of them provide them with some water. However, as soon as the sentry was close enough, Jinora subtly airbent the keys to open their bonds away from him by momentarily blinding him with his own robes over his head. As the sentry recovered, he stated that none of them would receive any water due to the attack. While he retreated to his post, Opal began to free herself, but the sentries caught on to her plan. Before they could take any action, however, one of the two sentries was incapacitated when Lin earthbent a rock against him, rendering him unconscious against the wall. The other sentry retaliated with an earth-based attack of his own, though his assault was stopped by Suyin's earth shield and he was soon shocked into unconsciousness by Asami's electrified glove.[1]

In 174 AG, the sentries that carried and administered the poison to Korra appeared to her again in a swamp-induced hallucination. As Korra gasped in horror upon witnessing herself tied down by the Red Lotus again, the two sentries turned to look at her.[2]


There are two types of uniforms. The basic soldier uniform consists of a black-colored outfit with red details and a red hood. They also wear metal shoulder plates and wrist protectors.

While dealing with more ceremonial occasions, such as the administration of poison to the Avatar to end the Avatar Cycle, the sentries don a long black cape, which is held in place by golden details.[1]


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