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Rebels & Refugees is a playable standalone adventure, set during the Hundred Year War Era, for Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game. The adventure was initially released in the United States as part of Free RPG Day on June 22, 2024.[1]


Rebels & Refugees is a standalone adventure for Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game. Set in the Hundred Year War Era, this adventure includes everything you need to run an exciting singular story of your very own, or to play as an episode in an ongoing campaign.


A relentless Fire Nation general hunts a group of Earth Kingdom rebels and refugees across the world! They take refuge in the ruins of the Western Air Temple but their pursuer is determined to capture them whatever the cost. To make matters worse, something is sabotaging the temple and drawing the Fire Nation troops' attention to their hiding place! The rebels think it's a spirit who's made a home in the empty temple, but why would such a spirit betray them? The heroes must get to the bottom of this plot before it's too late and the rebels are discovered![2]


  • Refugees — including Weili and Jianjun
  • Haoran
  • Xinyan
  • Rebels — including Woong
  • General Uyanga
  • Fire Nation Military Soldiers
  • Tien

Pregenerated characters[]


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