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"Reach for the Toph" is a comic book that takes place in Book Two: Earth, originally released by Nickelodeon Magazine and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures.


The members of Team Avatar fight against Toph in what appears to be a fierce battle, but might their goal be less dire than it seems?


Katara in quicksand

Katara is trapped in quicksand.

Toph is standing in a fight-ready position atop a stone platform when Aang swoops down from the sky and attacks her, but Toph easily gains the upper hand with her earthbending, forming a giant hand to toss him aside. Katara comes in at Aang's defense from behind Toph and attempts to hit her with waterbending, apparently furious about Toph's actions toward Aang. However, when the wave she created has subsided, she notices that the place where Toph had stood on her pillar is but a hole in the earth now, with both Toph and the platform having disappeared. The next moment, Toph, still standing on her pillar, beckons from behind Katara, who asserts that moving the "hill" (referring to the platform on which Toph has recurrently stood) is cheating, revealing that they are playing a game of King of the Hill. Toph defeats Katara when Toph earthbends Katara's lower body and arms beneath the earth, a move that would not have been possible without Katara's waterbending, which softened the dirt enough to create quicksand.

Her last opponent, Sokka, throws his boomerang at Toph, but she hears it early enough to dodge the weapon. Although he manages to catch it on its rebound and run toward her boomerang in hand, all it takes for Toph to topple him is to earthbend a rock under his foot so that he trips and falls on his face. Now that they have all been thoroughly defeated, Aang, Katara, and Sokka concede that Toph is the King of the Hill. She adds cheekily, "Make that Queen of the Hill."

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