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The raven eagle[1] is an avian animal and bird of prey. It can be trained to intercept messenger hawks.


Combustion Man owned a raven eagle, which he used to intercept a messenger hawk carrying information about Aang's whereabouts. The raven eagle tied the hawk up, stole the message it was carrying, and delivered it to Combustion Man, thus keeping the Avatar's survival after the Coup of Ba Sing Se a secret.[2]


The raven eagle's body is covered with brown feathers, with white feathers adorning the top and back of the eagle's head and streaks of red decorating its neck and the sides of its head. Its head feathers form a crest that is flanked by two streaks on its back which rise up from the sides of its eyes. It has a yellow hooked beak and long, sharp talons.


Raven eagles are vicious birds who prey on other birds. Using aerial finesse, the raven eagle is able to launch assaults on its flying prey while in mid-air, tying them up so that they fall to the ground below. When well-trained, the fowl can even be used to intercept messages delivered via messenger hawk.[1]


Ravens are large perching birds with glossy, black feathers. Eagles are large and strongly built birds of prey, boasting heavy heads and large, sharp beaks. With the exception of the red markings on the sides of its head, the raven eagle's coloring is reminiscent of that of a bald eagle.



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