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Rangi was the firebending teacher and girlfriend of Avatar Kyoshi. Born into an illustrious Fire Nation noble family that that had taught members of the Fire Nation Royal Family firebending for generations, Rangi was the daughter of Avatar Kuruk's former teacher Hei-Ran and her husband Junsik.

In her youth, Rangi was rigorously trained as a Fire Nation soldier, and eventually appointed as a bodyguard to Yun, an Earth Kingdom man falsely identified as the Avatar. She became close friends with both Yun as well as Kyoshi, who was a servant in Yun's mansion at the time. After the revelation of Kyoshi's identity as the true Avatar, Rangi fled with her into the inner Earth Kingdom. There they joined the Flying Opera Company, a bandit group which had been founded by Kyoshi's parents, and Rangi started to train Kyoshi in firebending. While travelling together, the two eventually fell in love and became a pair.


Rangi was born to Hei-Ran[4] in 312 BG, and joined the Fire Nation Army's junior corps at some point. Trained as a soldier, Rangi was selected to serve as a bodyguard to Yun, an Earth Kingdom man falsely identified as the Avatar. As result, she came to reside at the Yokoya Port in the southwestern Earth Kingdom, where a mansion was built to accommodate Yun and his entourage. While the construction was ongoing, she met a servant girl named Kyoshi, and took a liking to her. Temperamentally imperious and used to the rigorous ways of the military, Rangi expressed this by yelling at and ordering Kyoshi around. The latter needed weeks to understand that this actually meant that Rangi cared about her; the two subsequently became friends. At some point in her youth, Rangi visited the village of Yu Dao.

On one occasion in 296 BG, Kyoshi was held up and harassed by local youngsters, resulting in Rangi's intervention as the confrontation happened on the grounds of the mansion, and endangered the Avatar's property. The leader of the bullies, Aoma, tried to convince the firebender that they had good intentions, but to no avail. As result, Aoma used her earthbending to shoot a jar with kelp that Kyoshi was transporting far into the air before fleeing. Dismayed, Rangi urged Kyoshi to use her earthbending to catch the jar, but the latter stated that she could not do so. As the two argued, the firebender did not notice that the jar was falling down, directly onto her position. Kyoshi threw herself onto Rangi to shield her from the impact with her own body, but to their luck the jar was caught by Yun's earthbending who had observed the events from afar. In any case, Rangi was flustered by Kyoshi's attempt to save her, and angrily told her to get off her.

The two were then contacted by Yun who used his earthbending to transmit his voice, joking around a bit. Rangi was not amused, believing that she and Kyoshi were distracting Yun from his training. The two girls subsequently returned to the Avatar Mansion, while Rangi berated Kyoshi for not standing up against the local peasants and using her earthbending. She started to plot revenge against Aoma, reasoning that they should "destroy her so messily that it sends a message to the others". When Kyoshi responded that they should not resort to violence, Rangi expressed her annoyance.[2]

When Yun and his companions set out for the South Pole, Rangi, her mother Hei-Ran, as well as Kyoshi were part of his party. The group fell into an ambush by Tagaka and her Fifth Nation pirate fleet on an iceberg. Rangi, her mother, and others were dragged into the ice by Tagaka's waterbending followers. The pirates thus managed to kidnap Yun, though were persued by Kyoshi. Rangi and her companions eventually managed to free themselves. Mounting a flying bison, they set out to aid Kyoshi, and found her fighting Tagaka herself. Together with her mother, Rangi then started to duel the pirate queen, while Kyoshi and the others focused on destroying the pirate fleet's ships.[4]

Following the events at the South Pole, disputes erupted at the Avatar mansion in Yokoya Port, as Kyoshi had been unexpectedly revealed to be the true Avatar. Arguments turned into violence, and Rangi was forced to flee the mansion along with Kyoshi. The two set out for the lawless central Earth Kingdom and joined up with the Flying Opera Company, a daofei organization founded by Kyoshi's parents, Kyoshi seeking revenge against the sage Jianzhu for causing the death of Yun and Kelsang, Kyoshi's father figure. Though Rangi was contemptuous of the daofei and unhappy about watching Kyoshi corrupt herself for the sake of revenge, Rangi nevertheless stuck by her.

As the group traveled to Hujiang, a daofei-controlled town, Rangi and the others encountered Mok, the leader of a large daofei group named the Autumn Bloom Society, and the patron of the Flying Opera Company. She later chose to compete in a lei tai, an underground fight in which the loser could end up getting killed, to both endear the group to Mok, and show Kyoshi what it was like to watch a dear friend intentionally put themselves in peril. Rangi outmatched her opponent, but was hit by a lucky blow and nearly killed while unconscious, though she recovered just in time to break her opponent's leg, becoming the new champion.

The evening after the fight, Rangi explained her reasons to Kyoshi when the latter berated her for taking such a foolish risk, pointing out that it was no different than everything Kyoshi had done since they fled Yokoya. When Kyoshi tried to justify her actions on the basis that Jianzhu had to die, Rangi asked why she wanted him dead so badly, to which Kyoshi admitted that she was afraid of him. Hearing this caused Rangi to break down crying, saying that she had never wanted Kyoshi to feel the way she did, and blaming herself for it. She claimed that Kyoshi would only feel loved and never afraid if she had protected her better, but Kyoshi assured her that she did feel loved, and kissed her. Rangi pushed her away, seemingly rejecting her, but she quickly clarified that she wanted to be kissed somewhere she wasn't hurt, thus signifying the beginning of their relationship.

The Flying Opera Company was later the target of a shirshu sent by Jianzhu to capture Rangi, the sage planning to use her as leverage against Kyoshi. The group escaped, but Kyoshi was outed to them as the Avatar shortly afterwards. Rangi later assisted them in training Kyoshi in the bending disciplines, though friction remained between her and Kirima, Rangi not wanting her girlfriend to be trained in waterbending before airbending out of fear it would damage the Avatar cycle. Rangi was later present during the attack on Governor Te's palace, and Kyoshi's duel with Xu Ping An, the leader of the Yellow Neck bandits.

Following the duel with Xu Ping An, Rangi was kidnapped by Jianzhu, though was rescued by the Flying Opera Company on Kyoshi's orders. After the couple were reunited following Kyoshi's final confrontation with Jianzhu, Rangi revealed that her mother had been affected by Jianzhu's poison. She told Kyoshi that she planned to take her mother to the Northern Water Tribe in order to find the best healers, but hoped that they could both meet each other again one day. The two girls said their farewells and then went their separate ways.[5] 

Physical Description

Rangi was described as a young woman of above average height with a charred rasp of a voice[2]. She had a streamlined figure that belied the solidness of her muscles; her arms and back being well-formed and strong from years of training[6]. She wore black and red formfitting armor over a sleeveless white tunic, and held her hair back in a topknot with strands of hair often coming loose to hang around her face. Rangi was considered to be beautiful by several people, including Kyoshi and Lek, but often wore an unapproachable look of superiority. Like her mother, Rangi had a porcelain-doll face, pitch-black hair, and eyes tending towards a darker bronze than typical Fire Nation gold.[3] After being kidnapped by Jianzhu, she no longer wears a topknot as he cut it off as a warning to Kyoshi. 


Rangi was headstrong, aggressive, and had a fierce reputation. Somewhat arrogant and instilled with a military mindset, she regarded most people as "scum" that did not even "warrant the effort" of being yelled at. Rangi tended to be aggressive and dismissive around people who she liked, though she still cared deeply for and was firecely protective of her friends. She was also ready to use violence to get her way, though still calculating in this regard.[2]Like other Fire Nation civilains, she has great pride for her nation, even talking about her honor to the point where the Flying Opera company tease her about it. 






Preceded by
Avatar's firebending master
296 - unknown BG
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Jeong Jeong


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