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The term "Rally building" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The rally building is a large convention hall formerly operated by the Equalists and located in Republic City's Green Meadows district. The building's existence was hidden from much of the city's bending populace, making it an ideal venue for the Equalists' revelation rally, a meeting held exclusively for nonbenders by the radical revolutionary figure, Amon.[1]


In pursuit of Bolin after his kidnapping by the Equalists, Mako and Korra's search for the earthbender led them to investigate a secret meeting of nonbenders, called "The Revelation", at the rally building. They discovered the building's location after piecing together clues on the back of several Equalist flyers they obtained from a protester in Republic City Park.

Amon removes firebending

Amon removed Lightning Bolt Zolt's firebending during the rally held in the building.

Disguised as nonbenders, Mako and Korra entered the building and witnessed Amon remove the bending of multiple captured Republic City crime leaders from the Triple Threat Triad, including Lightning Bolt Zolt and Shady Shin. Shocked to see that Bolin's bending abilities would soon be removed as well, Mako came up with a plan and sent Korra to create some cover so he could save his brother. The Avatar found a room containing several pipes which ventilated steam and attempted to break them, but the doorman of the building saw her and attacked. The two fought in a brief scuffle, and Korra managed to subdue him with ease, before using his large body to smash the pipes. Using her waterbending, the Avatar made a thick mist which quickly enveloped the building, providing Mako with adequate cover to grab Bolin and flee the scene. As they were running away, the duo came across the Lieutenant, who almost succeeded in halting their escape, but was defeated by a simple surprise attack when Avatar Korra came to the siblings' aid.[1]


Industrial area

The rally building is situated in an industrial area of Republic City.

The rally building is located near an industrial sector of Republic City's waterfront, at the intersection of two minor roadways. Bearing strong resemblance to a warehouse, the facility is gray and black in exterior coloration and has a high, slanted roof. It is a box-shaped mid-rise structure and has several small and rectangular windows on all sides. Street lamps surround the building's front portion.

The rally building's main entryway was often guarded by a doorman who only allowed authorized visitors to partake in private events. Large meetings were usually held in the main hall during the Anti-bending Revolution, which is the most spacious room in the building. At the far end of the hall is an elevated stage used for speeches and demonstrations during rallies. For such events, the stage was decorated with propaganda posters and artwork that symbolize the themes of the rally. A picture of Amon along with two Equalist emblems to either side were generally hung behind the stage. At the center, a platform can be raised or lowered to and from the basement, providing access to the stage. Bright lights are directed at the people on stage to put more emphasis on them.

There is no seating area in the convention hall, so the audience generally stands in front of the stage during events. Despite being spacious, this room often becomes excessively crowded due to the sheer number of people. On either side of the hall are numerous stairs and doorways that lead to other parts of the rally building. Some rooms are used for maintaining the facility's vast pipe network, which is powered by water and steam, while others are used to hold prisoners.[1]


  • The location of the facility in an industrial district as well as the many pipelines found throughout the building indicate that it was once used as a factory.