The raid on the Chou palace was a small rebellion, instigated by a band of villagers who lived atop the shell of a fire-bestowing lion turtle, on the residence of the Chou family. It was led and orchestrated by Wan as a means of plundering the Chou's cellar for food.[1]


After a failed attempt to steal from the Chou family, Wan lamented his impoverishment, and expressed his desire to live like the Chous. Jaya told him that he needed to just accept the world the way it was, in an attempt to dissuade him from stealing from the Chous again, but Wan took that as incentive to change his situation. By volunteering for a hunt in the Spirit Wilds, he received the ability to firebend from the local lion turtle, but did not return it when he decided not to participate in the expedition. Instead, he brought the ability back with him into the city and used it to inspire several peasants to rebel against the Chous.

Rebels putting on masks

Wan and the other rebels put on their masks in preparation to raid the Chou palace.

At night, the group assembled outside of the Chou palace. Jaya attempted to dissuade Wan a final time from going through with his plan, as bringing the power of fire inside the city was forbidden. Wan dismissed his concerns, responding that it was time they showed the Chous that they did not fear them and had the power to change their destiny.

They all disguised themselves with masks and approached the palace gates, where Wan demanded entrance. Chou the Elder, noticing the group of peasants, questioned their presence. The tallest of the Chou brothers responded by informing his father not to worry and that they would handle the situation. As the Chou brothers emerged from inside, Wan offered the three the chance to avoid a conflict if they would give up their food supply. As the only visibly armed party, the brothers laughed at the comment, believing they had the upper hand. However, as they charged the rebels, a masked Wan stepped forward and firebent at them, forcing them out of the way and breaking down the front gate.

Chou brothers capturing Wan

Wan was arrested by the Chou family for raiding their palace.

The rebels infiltrated the palace, where Wan used his firebending to destroy the door to the food cellars. On his orders, the peasants began taking as much food as they could gather. However, as they were making their way out, the Chou brothers returned with reinforcements. Wan instructed Jaya to get everyone to safety and promptly charged the incoming defenders. Although vastly outnumbered, his bending abilities allowed him to keep the guards at bay. The fight continued in his advantage, until Little Chou jumped on his back and unmasked him. Wan managed to throw him off, but when the Chou began to beg for mercy, Wan felt his resolve to strike him down waver and he surrendered; the moment he dissipated his fire, he was overpowered by the guards.[1]


Chou family

Wan had to stand before Chou the Elder and the fire lion turtle.

Wan was taken before the lion turtle, where Chou the Elder asked him to reveal the identities of his co-conspirators. Wan's refusal to answer caused Chou the Elder to conclude that he had no other choice than to banish Wan to the Spirit Wilds for his crimes. Despite the request of Little Chou, Wan was allowed by the lion turtle to keep his firebending in order to be able to protect himself in the Spirit Wilds, though was never to return to the city.[1]


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