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Quon was a wealthy young merchant and a known tea aficionado from a family of Ba Sing Se entrepreneurs. He expanded his family fortune by starting several businesses of his own, including Ba Sing Se's first trans-wall food delivery service, allowing Middle and Upper Ring customers to acquire their favorite Lower Ring delicacies without the hassle and danger of actually traveling to the Lower Ring themselves. His goal was to become the tea baron of Ba Sing Se.[2] He was charismatic and charming, as well as savvy and persuasive, and was important enough to have two assistants with him.


When Quon heard about a talented tea maker from the Lower Ring, he decided to visit him with an offer the currently poor brewer would be unable to refuse. He traveled to Pao's tea shop and, after tasting and enjoying some of the tea, approached its maker, Iroh. Quon promised him everything for which a tea brewer could ask: a new apartment in the Upper Ring and his own tea shop over which he would have complete creative freedom. Iroh and Quon quickly sealed the deal.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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