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The term "Quilled chameleon" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The quilled chameleon is a chimerical reptile found in densely forested areas of the Earth Kingdom.[1] Being cellularly pigmented, quilled chameleons are able to change color in order to effectively blend into their surroundings to hide themselves.


The quilled chameleon is a relatively small reptile, notable for its long pink tongue and the large feather-like quills that extend from its front legs. Its body is primarily dark green in coloration, but it also has light green patches on its head, along the straight of its back, and extending down its long, thin tail, which it normally keeps rolled into a ball. Its four feet contain three clawed toes each, and it has two large yellow eyes, positioned on either side of its head.


The quilled chameleon largely resembles the real life chameleon, but also exhibits physical characteristics similar to those present in the now extinct Pteranodon, such as its peaked trilateral head. Its body is embedded with feather-like quills, which suggests that the creature is either connected to a particular bird or to the North American porcupine. Like the quilled chameleon, the real life chameleon has the ability to speedily extend its elongated tongue to catch nearby insects.


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