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Aang must complete four unique quests in order to advance in his mission of defeating the Fire Nation. These quests are:

  • Rescue Katara: Aang searches for a key that is capable of unlocking the cage that holds Katara.
  • Defeat the Enemies: Aang is tasked with knocking out all of his foes.
  • Hit the Switch: The player should press the space-bar when he or she has gotten Aang next to the "special switch."
  • Gather All Treasures: Aang looks everywhere he can for treasures — "in barrels, crates, behind locked doors, etc."

Additionally, the player may choose to "Build a Level", the option for which the game is named. Instead of playing through pre-made quests supplied by the game, the player can create his or her own quest.


  • Up arrow key – Walk upward
  • Down arrow key – Walk downward
  • Left Arrow key – Walk leftward
  • Right arrow key – Walk rightward
  • Space-bar (additional information about space-bar commands in "Instructions")
    • Attack
    • Break objects
    • Open chests/doors
  • "1" or "2" – Initiate one of Aang's bending moves


As mentioned in the "Objective" section, Quest Creator has two distinct modes of play: Quest mode and "Build a Level" mode. Because of the significant differences between these choices, completely nonparallel sets of instructions are included here through the following subsections.

Quest mode

World Map in Quest Creator

The player uses this map to choose the country where Aang begins his quests.

When one clicks on the "Play" option of the main menu, a map of the four nations appears, prompting the player to click one "country" in which he or she wants to accomplish quests. Once one country has been chosen, the player may click on one of the quests that have been described in the "Objective" section. These quests each have a time limit that restricts the amount of minutes or second that the player may take to finish the quest. This time limit and the area where the quest takes place are decided by which country the player chose. The multiple possibilities and appearances that the quests can take are highlighted in the following list. This list is ordered by the country the player chooses, followed by the different quests' time limits and locations.

  • Water Tribes
    • Rescue Katara
      • Location: Icy shores
      • Time: Two minutes
    • Defeat the Enemies
    • Hit the Switch
      • Location: Snowy cliffs
      • Time: One minute, fifty seconds
    • Find the Treasures
      • Location: South Pole village
      • Time: One minute, fifty seconds
  • Earth Kingdom
    • Rescue Katara
    • Defeat the Enemies
    • Hit the Switch
      • Location: Omashu
      • Time: Forty seconds
    • Find the Treasures
  • Fire Nation
    • Rescue Katara
      • Location: Crescent Moon Isle
      • Time: One minute, twenty seconds
    • Defeat the Enemies
      • Location: On a volcano slope
      • Time: Two minutes, forty seconds
    • Hit the Switch
      • Location: The Fire Temple
      • Time: Two minutes, twenty seconds
    • Find the Treasures
      • Location: Forest of Ashes
      • Time: Twenty seconds
  • Air Nomads
    • Rescue Katara
      • Location: Little desert
      • Time: Two minutes, twenty seconds
    • Defeat the Enemies
    • Hit the Switch
    • Find the Treasures
      • Location: The Mastaba Ruins
      • Time: Fifty seconds
Quest Creator enemy demo

Aang stands among a pirate (upper left), a Fire Nation soldier (southeast to Aang), and two unagi (bottom).

Obstacles are placed throughout each quest, and such obstacles are numerous and diverse. Enemies range from Fire Nation soldiers in the "Find the Treasures" quest of the Air Nomad country to dragons in the "Rescue Katara" quest of the same nation. Others include green-clad pirates, serpents reminiscent of the one at the Serpent's Pass, unagi, and likely a few more. Aang must avoid these enemies, lest they hit him and cause his health to deplete. When all health is lost, so is the quest. Aang may use his airbending techniques to fend off such enemies and deplete their health as well, until they are defeated and disappear.

Aang surrounded by boxes

Aang is surrounded by boxes.

Among these obstacles are not only adversaries, but also natural phenomena such as quicksand, bodies of water, and cracked ice. Quicksand and cracked ice respectively pull Aang beneath the earth and below the waters causing him to lose the quest. Aang cannot pass through bodies of water. Afterward, there are also patches of hot lava, which engulf Aang and result in the same outcome as the cracked ice and quicksand. In some cases barrels and boxes can obstruct Aang's path and cause the player to slowly run out of time while trying to traverse them, with the barrels and boxes acting as obstacles. There are likely a few more such obstacles as well.

Useful items
  • Water scroll — Gives Aang the power of a water whip
  • Earth scroll — Gives Aang an earthbending move that stuns enemies
  • Apple — Replenishes energy
  • Orb — Replenishes and doubles energy
  • Hourglass — Reset the timer's countdown
  • Bronze key — Frees Katara
  • Blue key — Opens a standard locked door
  • Coins — Extra points

Build a Level

"Build a Level" employs all of the previously mentioned objects, adversaries, locations, items, and natural phenomena, if the player so chooses to include them in his or her creation. The description of this option of play is practically impossible: the bounds of how it works and its possibilities can only be decided by the player. It requires a membership, which is free.


Jingle Brawl

Aang is located in the middle of the characters.

  • The image of Aang used on this game's title card was recycled onto the title card of Jingle Brawl.
  • Aang and Katara's in-game sprites (likenesses in the midst of a quest) bear resemblance to those in another game, Ashes in the Air.
  • While some of the names used for the locations of quests in Quest Creator, like "Kyoshi Island" and "Omashu", are correct, others are either worded differently from their inspirations' names ("Scorched forest" to "Forest of Ashes", "Crescent Island" to "Crescent Moon Isle", etc.) or entirely made up ("Little desert", "Snowy cliffs", and so on).

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