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Quartz was an earthbender who stood to inherit the criminal empire established by the daofei society known as the Jade Spear, though was unsure if that was who he wanted to be.[1]


Quartz was the son of the leader of the Jade Spear, a daofei group that operated in the east of the Earth Kingdom. Quartz assumed that his family was independently wealthy until he came of age and his mother told him it was time for his initiation. Beforehand, he had always thought that he would grow up to be an artist.

Quartz was sent on his first mission to set up a contingent of the Jade Spear in Ba Sing Se. When he came to the city, he met Tao, Masaru, Sarnai, and Jing, who became his new friends. Quartz started to doubt his mission even more. Since many of his friends had turned from a life of crime, he wondered if he could also do the same.[1]


Quartz was deeply conflicted about his ties to organized crime, but otherwise carried himself with a casual and arrogant demeanor.[1]


As a competent earthbender, Quartz often bent curved or spherical rock shapes during a fight. He was skilled at breaking the vulnerable equipment of his foes to render it useless.[1]


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