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The quarry campsite is located in a quarry in the southeastern Earth Kingdom.[1]


While Team Avatar was staying at this quarry, Aang began his earthbending training under Toph's instruction. Meanwhile, Sokka, while searching for food near the quarry, found himself trapped in a fissure and taunted by Foo Foo Cuddlypoops, a saber-tooth moose lion cub. Aang found the Water Tribe warrior and unsuccessfully attempted to free him from the fissure. He did, however, rescue Sokka from the cub's angry mother by standing his ground to her. On Toph's inquiry, he subsequently performed his first earthbending act. Before he could test his newly acquired skill, Toph stopped him and freed Sokka from the fissure in the ground herself, fearing the excited Avatar might accidentally crush Sokka. Afterward, the group returned to their camp, where Aang showed his earthbending to Katara.[2]


Inside the quarry, sheer cliffs, multi-tiered terraces, and arches can be found, and various types of rocks, boulders, and sand are scattered throughout the area. The middle of the quarry is flat and suitable for camping, although the rock-hard ground may prove uncomfortable to sleep on. The quarry is surrounded by large geological formations and a small forest where various Earth Kingdom animals live,[1] including the saber-tooth moose lion.


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