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Qinchao Village was a town located on the cliffs of the Earth Kingdom's southwestern coast,[2] neighboring Yokoya.[3]


Some time after Kyoshi began working at the Avatar mansion, she and a group of maids had been allowed a few days of leave to visit Qinchao. While the other maids tried wine for the first time and flirted with actors in the outdoor theater, Kyoshi felt a sense of foreboding.

In 296 BG, Jianzhu knocked out Avatar Kyoshi's party in Zigan Village and kidnapped Rangi, leaving instructions to meet with him at Qinchao. Shortly after, the Avatar arrived in the village on Pengpeng, receiving stares thanks to her distinct armor and make-up.

Kyoshi entered the village's teahouse and was waved toward the dining area by the servers, where she waited for Jianzhu. After some time, the haggard earthbending master entered the teahouse, where he and Kyoshi began a verbal confrontation. He gave her an ultimatum to either return to Yokoya, or he would collapse the building and kill everyone in it. The Avatar responded that the action would make Jianzhu no better than a daofei.

A hysterical Jianzhu revealed his actions at Zhulu Pass to Kyoshi, where he had five thousand Yellow Necks dig their own graves before mass murdering them. Disgusted, Kyoshi attempted to kill Jianzhu by launching an earth bullet at his temple, which he only just managed to deflect before beginning to collapse the teahouse, while Kyoshi countered his attempt to destroy the building. As the walls began to fracture, a cloaked Yun approached their table. Noticing the earth bullet, he cupped the stone against Jianzhu's chest and bent it through his body, killing him to the shock of the patrons. Yun bumped the table before leaving, causing Kyoshi to lose control. A stampede took place as the patrons rushed to escape the collapsing teahouse. When everyone had escaped, Kyoshi exited the building that fell to rubble. While the village's law enforcement attempted to apprehend the Avatar, she fled by dust-stepping onto the nearest rooftop and escaping from the town.[1]


Over half of the village's inhabitants belonged to the Chin clan, making outsiders feel as if they were talking to the same person.

The town had a bizarre set of customs and holidays that appeared nowhere else in the Earth Kingdom, with many of them revolving around dolls and effigies. There were both small dolls for the home, and great towering effigies in the square for public festivals.

The villagers of Qinchao were extremely insular, to a degree that many outsiders found the village off-putting, and the town seemingly had a harsh penal code.[1]

Layout and description[]

The crown jewel of Qinchao was a three-story stone teahouse in the teardrop-shaped center of town, comparable to establishments in Ba Sing Se and Omashu. Residents spent all morning here, enjoying tea and gossip. The town walls were circular, and the streets were clean-swept.[1] The village also had a bazaar.[3]


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