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War Minister Qin was the overseer of the Fire Nation military's technology, and despite the many failures of his inventions, his technological expertise ensured he remained a valuable member of the Fire Lord's cabinet.[2]


An emissary of the Fire Nation for many years, Qin oversaw the creation of all the Fire Nation's war machines and had several secret weapons in the works in an effort to bring victory to the Fire Nation, and an end to the Hundred Year War.[2]

When the Fire Nation first threatened to burn down the Northern Air Temple, Qin was able to secure the services of the mechanist, who offered to help the Fire Nation in their war effort in exchange for the preservation of the temple. Qin visited the temple regularly to check on his inventions, and their partnership led to the creation of destructive tanks and warships.

Qin smiling

Qin smiled upon the recovery of the hot air balloon.

When an impatient Qin visited the Northern Air Temple in early 100 AG, he was forced away by Avatar Aang, but before exiting, he warned them that the Fire Nation would burn the temple to rubble. The Earth Kingdom refugees that lived in the temple put up a brave fight, and with the mechanist's latest invention - a hot air balloon - they managed to push the invaders back completely. During this battle, however, Sokka and the mechanist were forced to abandon the balloon which crashed in the nearby valley. Qin discovered the balloon and quickly learned its importance, stating that "this defeat [would be] the gateway to many victories." After the discovery of the hot air balloon, Qin turned it into a frequently used war balloon, enabling the Fire Nation to control the skies, as well as the land.[1]

Months later, Qin revealed his masterpiece, a massive drill developed for the penetration of the Great Walls of Ba Sing Se.[3] However, his plan was foiled again by Team Avatar.

After the destruction of the drill, Qin worked to make more war balloons, while adapting and improving the technology to create the larger Fire Nation airships.[4]

Qin shows the way

Qin was threatened by Team Avatar into revealing the location of the Fire Lord's chamber.

During the invasion of the Fire Nation Capital on the Day of Black Sun, Qin was strolling down the halls of Fire Lord Ozai's secret bunker, where he came across Aang, Toph, and Sokka for a third time. When threatened by them, he quickly gave them directions to Ozai's chambers, where not Ozai but Princess Azula awaited them. After this encounter, Qin resumed his stroll down the hall, whistling as though nothing had occurred. When the eclipse ended, the fruition of Qin's hand in the engineering, manufacturing, and improvement of war balloons was revealed as massive metal airships successfully bombed the invaders' submarines, preventing the majority of the invasion force from escaping.[4]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Book Two: Earth (土)

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • Qin appeared in exactly one episode per book.


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