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Qanitt was the chieftain of the prominent city of Whale Harbor in the Southern Water Tribe during the era of Roku.[1]


Qanitt was a modernist and looked to facilitate the two Water Tribes working in harmony, joining together on political and economic platforms that benefit both. They made several trips to the North to establish plans for economic expansion, and were convinced that the tribes could only stand against the agitated spirits and the encroaching reach of the other nations together.

Qanitt acknowledged a need for a secure source of resources, such as ore and trading partners. To that end, the chieftain searched for others who could peacefully secure resources, either by forging new shipping routes or opening up new agreements between the tribes and trading partners.[1]


Qanitt was coolheaded and was considered a person with significant popularity in the South.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


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