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The pythonaconda is a carnivorous serpent that, although dangerous, is kept as a pet by some residents of Republic City. It is known to use constriction in order to immobilize its prey, which consists of smaller animals like fire ferrets.[1]


In 167 AG, Mr. Feng kept a pythonaconda in his pet shop. A young Bolin opened its cage at night in order to save the fire ferret that was to be its meal, and the pythonaconda launched itself at the boy in an attempt to strangle him. However, before it could suffocate its prey, Mako snatched the creature by its tail and put it back in its cage, where it hissed angrily at the brothers.[1]


The pythonaconda is serpentine with a long, coiled body covered in keeled scales. Its slender head contains many sharp teeth and a forked tongue that can extend far out of the creature's mouth. Four feet equipped with sharp claws extend from the pythonaconda's body.


Although the pythonaconda can be domesticated, it is naturally aggressive and will attack humans when threatened. The pythonaconda uses constriction to subdue its prey, pulling its victims into its coils in order to asphyxiate them.


Bolin strangled

The pythonaconda uses constriction to trap its prey, similar to the real life python.

The pythonaconda is similar to the python, in the sense that both animals use constriction to incapacitate prey. The creature's large size can also be attributed to both of its namesakes, as members of the Python and Eunectes genera are among the largest species of snake in the world.

Although pythons and anacondas lack legs, all snakes evolved from lizards, explaining the presence of extremities on the pythonaconda. Despite having diversified heavily during the Paleocene, pythons are relatively primitive compared to other modern day snakes and retain vestigial hind limbs used to grasp during mating.


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