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The puma goat is a chimerical hybrid of a puma and a mountain goat.[1] These creatures can be domesticated and used as mounts and beasts of burden.


Avatar Aang and Kuzon encountered puma goats while on a hunt to find a dragon. While climbing a cliffside, they heard the loud sound of a man's voice calling out in a taunting manner.

Investigating, they saw a man mounted on a puma goat standing beside a large cave. Upon seeing a green dragon's face appear out of the darkness, the beast and rider took off down the mountainside, the dragon hot on their trails.

The duo subsequently looked up to find five other poachers and their puma goat mounts standing near the dragon's nest. A pair of them entered the cave, stole the dragon egg from within, and strapped it to one of the waiting puma goats. By impersonating the mother dragon, Aang, Kuzon, and Appa managed to scare the poachers away and cause panic among the herd of puma goats.

The one carrying the egg remained calm, however, as Aang proceeded to remove the egg from its saddle, the animal reared up at the sight of the dragon's actual return, causing Aang to drop and nearly break the egg.[2]


Running puma goat

The puma goat is well-suited for travel in mountainous terrain.

The puma goat has a large, stocky body with a hump protruding from its shoulders. Shaggy white fur covers its body and forms a shawl-like mane around its neck. Its powerful catlike legs allow it to maneuver nimbly in the mountainous terrain.

Its face is mostly feline, with large fangs and yellow eyes. The puma goat also has slightly curved horns and, while its front paws have four sharp claws, its back paws have three. Its tail is long and slender. Additionally, it is known to make a bleating cry.[2]


The puma goat has the body, horns, and bleat of a mountain goat and limbs, head, claws, and tail of a puma. Like both animals, it is highly adapted to a mountainous environment.


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