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The protester is a nonbender who once publicly advocated the Equalist movement.[1][2]


Early life

The protester grew up in Republic City and from an early age had a desire to be at the center of attention. He accomplished this by vehemently challenging the opinion of the majority, including that of his parents, who were dedicated supporters of Avatar Aang despite being nonbenders. His anti-bending sentiment was gradually accepted as the Equalist movement became more prevalent throughout the city, which led him to pursue his agenda full-time as a graduate student at Republic City University.[2]

Encountering Korra

Korra with the protester

The protester showing his rebellious attitude to opposing benders.

In the presence of Korra, the protester rallied several passersby at Republic City Park against the young Avatar's views. After realizing she had felt compelled to contest his bold remarks about the "tyrannical" nature of bending and its practitioners over the nonbenders of the city, the protester focused his attention on her. Quickly singling her out as a bender herself, he used Korra's hotheaded attitude to his advantage and directed the interest of the crowd to her perceived wrongful viewpoint. In response to Korra's failure of making a strong rebuttal, the man dismissed the bender by saying her statements made no sense, followed by a roar of protest from his fellow supporters.[1]

Several days later, he encountered Korra once more at the park, this time with Mako by her side. Korra demanded to know where the chi blockers had taken Bolin. When the protester did not give her the information she wanted, she used earthbending to destroy his table, scattering his flyers. They subsequently pressured him to reveal the location of the revelation rally that the flyers advertised, but the protester firmly denied their request. He soon called a police officer to his assistance, after which Mako and Korra fled the scene.[3]

Amon's defeat

Citizens see Amon waterbending

The protester and other citizens were shocked to see Amon waterbending.

This protester later attended the Equalist victory rally, where he witnessed Avatar Korra accuse Amon of being a waterbender and later blast him out a window and into the harbor. He consequently attempted to direct the crowd's rage and anger toward Korra, accusing her of being an "evil Avatar", but promptly stopped and stared with wide-eyed disbelief as he witnessed the revelation of Amon's waterbending abilities.[4]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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