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This article is about the real world.

The prologue is the opening section of The Shadow of Kyoshi.


Yun finds himself in the Spirit World and tries to survive the wrath of an ancient spirit.


After being taken by Father Glowworm, Yun claws his neck until bleeding in order to get rid of the feelings of slime and teeth from his skin. He starts to regain his memory and remembers Jianzhu poisoning him with incense. He tries to figure out where he is, since he is not in the dusty mining town that he was moments ago, but in a wet and mossy swamp, surrounded with trees, with an acid colored sky. As crawling around, Yun realizes the big glowing eye staring at him that has been calling to him. He remembers that the eye was the one who told him he was not the Avatar. Remembering this causes Yun a great pain, and he falls to the ground as the landscape surrounding him starts to shake. He dashes his head to the ground because of a headache, thinking he is nothing. The eye steps back in fear as the shaking intensifies, telling him to stop in anger. Deciding to put the pain out, a rip on the ground starts at Yun's feet, and the water falls into the split on the ground.

Yun, finally calm, realizes he is in the Spirit World. He steps away from the ravine he just created, and thinks about Kelsang's teachings to him about the Spirit World. Being a reflection of the visitor's emotions, it is not the beautiful place he described to Yun. Suddenly remembering the eye's presence, Yun starts to panic and tries to remember what Jianzhu called the spirit. Saying Father Glowworm's name out loud causes an invisible barrier to be broken, and makes Yun more connected and vulnerable to the spirit. It asks for Yun's name in return, and Yun gives it, thinking of a way to make himself interesting to the spirit in the meantime. He stutters and loses confidence, however, thinking he is not the Avatar anymore. Trying to survive as much as he can, Yun offers to be the spirit's student, kneeling before it. Not being the Avatar anymore, he decides to be the swindler he used to be, and starts to flatter the spirit. Father Glowworm reveals that it fought Avatar Kuruk in the past, and it can create passages to the human realm. The spirit starts to insult Yun about him not being the Avatar, and says he is nothing, yet he is still gonna get his immortality when it drinks his blood, and his essence will exist within the spirit. The spirit then attacks Yun.

Production notes

Series continuity

Character revelations

  • Yun is confirmed to be alive and in the Spirit World.
  • Yun took poison training from Amak.
  • Kuruk fought with Father Glowworm in the past.
  • Father Glowworm can create tunnels to the Physical World.