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This article is about the head of state of the United Republic. For the corporate title, see Yuzhen Jr.

Zhu Li Moon was elected as the second president of the United Republic of Nations in 174 AG.

The president is the democratically elected leader of the United Republic of Nations. As the nation's head of both state and government, the president exercises control over a large majority of the United Republic's sectors, including law enforcement, and serves as the commander-in-chief of the United Forces.[1] The president is elected for a four-year term but may run for reelection.[2]


The presidency was founded in 171 AG shortly after the end of the Anti-bending Revolution to replace the United Republic Council, which had been deemed too outdated to pursue modern public interests.[3] During the first election, Raiko won against a single opponent and became the United Republic's inaugural president.[1]

In 174 AG, another presidential election was organized, and Raiko enlisted Wenyan as his campaign manager in the hope of being reelected for a second term. Raiko was initially unconcerned at his level of unpopularity as he was running unopposed, but his growing conflict with Avatar Korra spurred Zhu Li Moon to consider running against him.[4] In the end, Zhu Li won the election, becoming the Republic's second president.[5]

Position and powers

The president has a large amount of power over the United Republic, serving as commander-in-chief of the entire military and the overseer of the Republic City Police Department, allowing them to prioritize certain police efforts.[1] They can also grant presidential pardons to individuals accused or convicted of crimes against the state.[6] While the president has influence over all levels of government, presidential authority has certain bounds and limits. Trying to strongly influence a certain independent government body, such as the Utilities Commission, can lead to accusations of the president abusing their powers.[7]


The president is voted into office during an open election. In the first election of 171 AG, there were two candidates, both of whom rallied financial support from businesses and other benefactors in order to fund their campaign.[1]

Raiko ran for reelection in 174 AG, originally unopposed, though lost when Zhu Li Moon entered the race and won by a landslide.[5]

List of presidents


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