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Power disc game

Power disc is an acrobatic game involving the use of metalbending.

Power disc is a game which involves the use of metalbending, developed by Wei and Wing in the city of Zaofu. The objective of the game is to land the disc into one of the two nets on either end of the playing field by using metalbending to ricochet the disc against the walls of the arena, or any of the four pillars situated in the center of the field.[1]


Power disc

Wei scored a "power" against Wing during a match in 171 AG.

When Avatar Korra and her company visited Zaofu in 171 AG, Suyin Beifong introduced them to her young sons, Wei and Wing, who were in the middle of a power disc match.

As the matriarch expressed how proud she was of her sons for inventing the game, Wei scored a "power" on Wing by deflecting the disc off a pillar and over his brother's head. Suyin complimented Wei on his shot and he promptly celebrated, much to Wing's frustration.[1]

Game components


Power disc utilizes a lightweight disc made entirely out of metal, which is manipulated during gameplay through the use of metalbending. The disc can ricochet from the walls of the playing field and gain momentum when passing through the pillars, making it difficult to control and divert away from the net.[1]


Power disc field

The playing field is a large metal arena with two nets on opposing sides and four metal pillars in the center.

The game's playing field is a large metal arena rectangular in shape with two rounded sides on either end, each of which has a single metal net and buzzer positioned in the middle. Located at the center of the field are four metal pillars arranged in a diamond formation, which surround the Earth Kingdom insignia embedded on the surface of the field.[1]


A metallic net serves as a goal for power disc and is located on both sides of the field, directly behind the players who also serve as goalkeepers. The net is made out of flexible metal which arches backward upon impact from the disc, triggering a red buzzer that signals a "power".[1]


Two players are required to play power disc, both of whom must be able to metalbend. During gameplay, players must navigate the discus through the playing field with the objective of getting it into the opposing net in order to score a "power". Because play must remain continuous for the entirety of a round, the players must keep the discus in motion until one of them scores.[1]


  • Power disc bears many similarities to airball, as both sports involve the use of bending to navigate an object through a series of obstacles with the objective of scoring against an opponent.
  • The gameplay involved in power disc bears similarities to both air hockey and pinball.
  • Both the gameplay and the arena itself also bear several similarities to the game, Four Nations Tournament.


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