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The possum chicken is a bird-like animal that lives in the Foggy Swamp. It is hunted by the Foggy Swamp Tribe for food.


Due first mentioned this animal while he and some other tribesmen were hunting Momo and Appa, commenting that the flying lemur would probably taste just like possum chicken. After inviting Team Avatar back to the tribe's camp for a meal, Sokka stated that possum chicken tasted similar to arctic hen.[1]


Having the body of a chicken and the head and tail of a possum, the possum chicken is one of the many hybrids in the Avatar World. Its body is mostly white in coloration and it possesses a set of wings, while the tail seems to lack any feathers or fur.


  • The only possum chicken shown in the series was hanging upside-down, a behavior associated with the common real world opossum.


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