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The police headquarters is one of the oldest and most intricate buildings in Republic City. It served as the base of operations for the Republic City Police[1] and as a holding area for arrested criminals.[2] The building was severely damaged during the invasion of the United Republic of Nations, and the Republic City Police temporarily relocated to a different building.[3] While this is the primary station, several smaller watch posts are located throughout the city.[4]


Avatar Korra and Naga were brought here when they were arrested following an altercation with the Triple Threat Triad. Korra had an interrogation session with Lin Beifong, Chief of Police at the time, in one of the building's many cells before Tenzin arrived to bail her out. Naga was kept in a different part of the building with other animals and was released after Korra and Tenzin came to claim her.[2]

After the Equalists' attack on the Pro-bending Arena, Korra, Tenzin, Hiroshi Sato, and Tahno were present at the headquarters as Chief Beifong questioned the latter two about what they had seen.[5]

After Lin Beifong's resignation, Saikhan officially became Chief of Police in a press conference in front of the headquarters. Korra and Tenzin returned here later, demanding that Saikhan release Team Avatar, but were instead directed to Tarrlok, which prompted the Avatar and the airbender to each call him the "worst chief ever" before leaving.[6]

Escaping police headquarters

Tenzin and the police officers escaped the building after being gassed by the Equalists.

During the battle for Republic City, Tenzin came to the police headquarters to talk to Saikhan in the communications room. The chief expressed his relief to see the Councilman, for Saikhan had been under the impression that he had also been captured by the Equalists. Tenzin informed him that while he had escaped, the other Council members had indeed been abducted. Tenzin subsequently asked for one of the operators to send a wire to General Iroh of the United Forces. As soon as the wire was sent, the power in the building went off and nerve gas began to spread in all corners of the headquarters, knocking out many people within the building. The communications room was also affected due to the nerve gas seeping out from the vents. Tenzin ordered Saikhan to shut the vents, and the latter obeyed, using his metalbending. Tenzin told everyone to stay close to him while they evacuated, and proceeded to lead everyone out by using airbending to create a spherical shield around them.

Once the group escaped the building, they were surrounded by mecha tanks. However, unlike the first encounter with the tanks, the Equalist weapons had large magnets attached to their arms. These magnets allowed for the capture of several metalbending officers via their metal uniforms. Tenzin tried to save Saikhan with his airbending, but the magnets were stronger, capturing the police chief and the remaining officers. This left Tenzin with only the operators; the airbending master put up a fight against the tanks, but was knocked into the side of the headquarters. He used his airbending to cushion his fall, but was still rendered unconscious, only able to see an Equalist vehicle drive away with Saikhan. Team Avatar arrived at the scene before the Equalists were able to capture him, and Asami Sato fought and defeated several chi-blockers, setting him free. Team Avatar, together with Tenzin, defeated all of the attacking mecha tanks. The group quickly left the headquarters after seeing airships approaching Air Temple Island.[7]

Police headquarter offices

Korra barged into the police offices to confront Mako about ratting her out to President Raiko.

Six months after the defeat of the revolution, the police force had reclaimed their headquarters, with Lin reinstated as chief. During that time, they were paid a visit by President Raiko, who grilled Lin to solve the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, threatening to replace her if she failed to apprehend the culprits responsible. Later that day, Avatar Korra barged in to confront Mako, her boyfriend at the time, about revealing her plan to receive aid from the United Forces in the Water Tribe Civil War to Raiko. The argument escalated to the point where Mako broke up with her, prompting the Avatar to storm out.[8]

Shortly afterward, one of Varrick and Asami Sato's ships was bombed, and the captain of the ship was called down to the interrogation room to be questioned by Lin Beifong, Lu, and Gang. The captain revealed that the bombs had not been set off in any way he had ever seen before, and the three cops seemed to agree that it was likely that the Northern Water Tribe was the one destroying the ships. However, Mako entered the interrogation room without permission, claiming he thought he had a link to the crime and a remote he had found at the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center shortly after the bombing. He attempted to interrogate the captain, trying to place some faces to the crime scene, but the triad member he had seen at the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center did not look familiar to the captain. Lin Beifong angrily told Mako to leave, as he had once again interrupted a meeting that did not include him, and Mako promptly left.[9]

Mako began sleeping at the police headquarters after his and Bolin's apartment became infested with spirit vines due to Korra's decision to leave the spirit portals open.[10]

The police headquarters sustained severe damaged during Kuvira's failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations, forcing the police officers to temporarily relocate to a smaller and less ornate building.[3] Repairs on the building became a priority, and the police service is moving back in, although the extent of repairs means the facility still faces problems in its operations, from missing or broken equipment to unstable walls and windows.[11]

Layout and description[]

Toph's statue

Toph Beifong's statue adorns the headquarters' front entrance.

The architecture of the police headquarters was comparable to that of standard Earth Kingdom buildings, as the design of both the exterior and the interior were largely comprised of geometric shapes. Located in downtown Republic City, the Metalbending Police Force's base of operations was a monumental building, with numerous entrances and windows lining the exterior.[2]

A small city unto itself, the station houses the chief's offices, a cadet training facility, holding cells and interrogation chambers, evidence lockers, forensics labs, and a cafeteria and sleeping barracks for officers working late.


A metal statue of Toph Beifong, the first earthbender to employ metalbending and a former chief of the police force, stood on a pedestal high above the building's front entrance as a monument to the founder's successes.[11] Domes and steeples adorned the top of the structure and numerous large pillars supported the roof.

The front courtyard and streets surrounding the headquarters are lined with interconnecting metal cables supported by tall wooden poles. These cables are used by the Metalbending Police Force to zip easily around the city, as shown when they pursued Korra and Naga.[2]


Chief's office[]

Chief's office

The Chief of Police had a spacious office at their disposal.

The office of the Chief of Police was situated at the back of the common room where the other police officers and detectives worked. It was a spacious room with a desk, filing cabinets, and a seating area.

Communications room[]

The communications room is a room filled with phones and other communication devices. Operators are able to contact people and get updates on activity within the city. The communications room also has metal vents hanging from the ceiling.[7]

Interrogation room[]

Police headquarters interior

Lin took Korra into an interrogation room following the Avatar's arrest.

The interior of the holding cells were constructed entirely of metal. A large metal table for interrogation sat in the center of each room with handcuffs on the surface to restrain prisoners during questioning. Metal panels surrounding the walls of the cell would be opened like sliding doors with the use of metalbending.[2]


The main lobby was located near the entrance of the building. Desks for clerks lined the back of the spacious room and a rack of keys for the police vehicles hung on the far wall. Along the sides of the room were benches for people waiting for various services from the police. In the center of the lobby floor was a slab of earth with the Republic City police emblem that was movable only by a strong stomp of earthbending.[12]


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