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Poison dagger

The poison knife contained a vial of poison within its handle.

The poison knife is a deadly weapon capable of killing a given target with relative ease. It was allegedly used by assassins to silence those who defy the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War.[1]


While interrogating an old Fire Nation civilian, Jet became enraged, and he readied himself to harm the man. However, Sokka stopped him just before he was able to strike the civilian.

Back at the treetop hideout, Sokka informed the gang of Jet's vengeful way of thinking, primarily his willingness to punish those who were seemingly innocent. Aang and Katara remained unconvinced and confronted Jet, who claimed that the old man was in fact an assassin sent to eliminate him. To justify this statement, he revealed a knife, which contained a vial of poison within it. Katara and Aang believed Jet's claim, but Sokka adamantly declared the knife was not among the old man's possessions. Jet said the man had been concealing the knife, and although Aang and Katara believed Jet, Sokka still remained dubious.[1]


Allegedly found on the old man, the poison knife is a sharp weapon that includes a concealed compartment which carries poison, kept within the handle. Most likely the invention of an assassin, the knife delivers a double dose of pain, from the stab wound as well as the poison.[2] More so, the knife has spikes on its handle that fit in between the fingers to allow for better grip, which could also be used offensively or defensively given the circumstance.


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