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This article is about the leader of a band of pirates. For other similar uses, see Captain (disambiguation).

The pirate captain[2] was the leader of a band of pirates. He and his crew scoured the seas for loot, and would do almost anything to obtain monetary reward. When docked at a harbor, they used their ship as a boutique to sell the many exotic curios they had acquired for a profit. The captain was often accompanied by his pet iguana parrot, a loyal companion which usually perched on his shoulder.


The captain and his multinational crew of nonbending criminals exploited the chaos of the Hundred Year War to plunder and trade illegal goods.[3]

During 100 AG, the captain met Aang, Katara, and Sokka at the seedy merchants pier when they were persuaded to come aboard by the pirate barker. He stepped out of the shadows and immediately showed interest in Momo, convinced that the lemur would fetch him a "hefty sum" if Aang was interested in bartering. The Avatar, however, declined his offer and continued browsing through the captain's suspiciously acquired merchandise. Katara found a waterbending scroll among their loot. When asked where he got it, the captain admitted that he "got it up north at a most reasonable price: free." Katara offered to buy the "traded scroll", but the captain informed them that he already had a buyer for the rare, precious scroll. He stated that he was, however, willing to sell it to them if they immediately produced two hundred gold pieces. Since the group had very limited funds, Aang tried to haggle with the captain, much to the pirate's amusement and irritation. Katara quickly led Aang out of the shop.[1]

After calling off their deal, the captain had to defend himself against an enraged Prince Zuko.

When he found out that Katara had stolen the scroll, the captain teamed up with Prince Zuko and Iroh to find her and her companions. He was discontent with Zuko ordering him to go find Aang, but since the prince threatened to burn the scroll he now had in his possession, the captain relented. After discovering that Aang was in fact the Avatar, he called off their deal, deciding that the bounty on the Avatar was worth more than the price of the scroll. Enraged by this betrayal, Zuko and his men attacked the pirates, who were quick to defend themselves while Zuko and the pirate captain faced off. The captain showed himself quite able to hold his own against a firebender, only defending himself with a sword. Their fight was cut short by Iroh, who alerted the captain that his ship had been hijacked. He lost his ship when it plummeted over the waterfall.[1]

Zhao hired the captain and his crew to kill Zuko.

The captain and his men were later hired by Zhao to kill Zuko for the price of one chest filled to the brim with gold. He himself did not participate in this venture, but he let his men plant the explosives on the prince's ship. Their attempt to kill Zuko, however, was a failure as the Fire Prince managed to survive the explosion.[4]

At some point, the captain encountered Sokka and Katara again. As the two nonbenders locked their blades in heated battle, the captain lost the fight when Katara encased the upper half of his face in ice with her waterbending, and he was subsequently escorted to a jail cell by Sokka.[5]


The pirate captain utilized a Chinese Jian sword and was skilled enough to briefly battle Zuko with it.[1]


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