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Zuko tries to explain himself
Well, that's not its name ... but ...
The term "Pipa" has not been confirmed by official sources.

A member of The Flamey-Os played the pipa.

The pipa is a string instrument with four strings and a pear-shaped body.


During music nights on Zuko's ship, both Iroh and Lieutenant Jee played the pipa. Jee played the instrument while Iroh sang "Four Seasons".[1]

While Iroh was wandering through the streets of Ba Sing Se, he played this instrument and accompanied its sound with vocals to perform "Leaves from the Vine" in an attempt to calm a crying boy.[2]

After Azula and the Fire Nation conquered Ba Sing Se, the princess and Ty Lee arranged a romantic dinner for Mai and Zuko. A Dai Li played a pipa for them, gaining Zuko's hatred.[3]

When Team Avatar was traveling through the Fire Nation, Aang organized a dance party in a cave for the other students in the Fire Nation school he was attending at the time. The music was provided by a band, The Flamey-Os; one of the musicians played the pipa.[4]

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