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The Pinnacle Palace Platypus Bears are an experienced pro-bending team that attempted to enter the Pro-bending Tournament of 170 AG.[1]


Fault against the Platypus Bears

The Platypus Bears were shocked upon witnessing Korra's action.

The Platypus Bears competed against the Fire Ferrets in the second qualifying round of the Pro-bending Championship, which was Korra's pro-bending debut. The Platypus Bears' waterbender immediately discovered the Avatar's inexperience, as he was roughly knocked over the side by a strong water blast by Korra. They profited from the Avatar's faults, who eventually was pushed back to the third zone, and won the first round with ease.

Singling Korra out as the weak link of the Fire Ferrets, they focused their attacks in the second round on her, swiftly throwing her into the water, though they were unable to solidify their victory as Bolin and Mako managed to stay in the game.

Exhausted Platypus Bears

The Platypus Bears were left worn out after failing to knock Korra out of the ring, ultimately causing them to lose the match.

In the third round, the Platypus Bears divided their attention in an attempt to conquer. While their waterbender made sure the bending brothers were wedged in a corner, their firebender and earthbender assaulted Korra with everything they had, rapidly pushing her back to zone three. However, they failed to knock her into the water, as her airbending training just clicked and she started to avoid all their attacks, wearing them out. By that time, the Platypus Bears were exhausted, leaving them exposed to the still fresh Fire Ferrets. Unable to defend themselves, they were knocked out of the ring one by one, consequently losing the match.[1]