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Pik and Pak were winged lemurs and friends of Avatar Yangchen and Master Boma. The lemurs are differentiated from one another primarily by their anatomical imperfections, namely the hole in Pik's right ear and Pak's stub of a tail.[1]


Early life[]

Pik and Pak had befriended Yangchen and served as her pets prior to her becoming a fully-realized Avatar. Like many animals, they had an affinity for the young airbender, and she returned the affection. They were named for the sound people made when they got Pik and Pak's fur in their mouths, as they shed profusely, and also latched onto strangers who got too close to the Avatar.[2]

Mission to Tienhaishi[]

A week following Yangchen's mastery of all four elements, the lemurs accompanied the Avatar, Nujian, and Boma to Tienhaishi, a shore-side city. Having sheltered themselves from the storm that raged around them, Pik and Pak emerged from their hiding place only in response to Yangchen's mention of their name in her excitement over her first mission as the Avatar. As the party entered the king's throne room, the lemurs each perched themselves on one of Boma's shoulders but crouched down behind him after observing three ominous fortune tellers who were prophesying in the room.

Later, Pik and Pak remained beside Yangchen as she peered over the sea from the cliffside awaiting the foretold disaster to come to the city. Upon General Old Iron's emergence from the sea, the two lemurs again cowered behind Boma, Pik peeking out over the man's shoulder and Pak glancing over his head. After the Avatar had been batted down by the spirit, the two pets immediately glided to her side in concern. The lemurs subsequently accompanied Boma in his evacuation of the city and beheld Yangchen's battle against General Old Iron from a nearby clearing.[3]

Following the conflict, Pik and Pak populated the air along with several cranefish while Yangchen and Boma visited the newly-built memorial statue of Lady Tienhai.[4]

Stay at the Northern Air Temple[]

Before Yangchen began her tour of the shang cities, Yangchen left Pik and Pak in the care of the Northern Air Temple, near to her first destination at Bin-Er.[5] Although she loved her pets, she knew that it was hard to be taken seriously at times with Pik and Pak chasing each other around her shoulders, and she was dealing with an intricate political situation.[6]

When Yangchen arrived back at the Northern Air Temple after her meeting with the shangs of Bin-Er, Pik and Pak flew to the temple grounds. They were upset that Yangchen had left them on their own for so long, and started collided with Kavik. He started to panic, and asked Yangchen to get the lemurs off him. Kavik did not calm down, and Yangchen unhooked Pak's claws one by one from Kavik's ears, while Kavik got Pik at arm's length before throwing the lemur out the window. She told Kavik to get them into the air and fly away if they acted up again, and Kavik was surprised they could fly. Yangchen squinted at him when she realized he had dropped her pet out the tower without knowing it could survive the fall.[2]

Pik and Pak came with Yangchen and Kavik on Nujian as they made their way to Jonduri, Yangchen's next stop on her tour of the shang cities. They were perched on the saddle horn, and Pik was eating some seeds out of Kavik's hand, and accepted a few scratches under the chin. Yangchen noticed that while Pik had forgiven him, Pak had not.[7] When she arrived in the city, Yangchen left Pik and Pak in the care of Samten, a monk of the Northern Air Temple who had organized the trip.[8] They were brought back to the Northern Air Temple, and Yangchen planned on seeing them again after she dealt with the ramifications of the Unanimity project.[9]


Both Pik and Pak proved to be quite skittish, exhibited in their tendency to be easily frightened and often hid as a result, typically in the company of Boma, as was the case during the storm, when they encountered the fortunetellers, and when General Old Iron emerged from the sea. However, they also proved to be loyal to Yangchen, instantly rushing to her side after she was knocked down by General Old Iron.[3] They often latched onto strangers whenever they met new people. However, they could also act somewhat angrily when upset, such as when they were left alone for too long.[2]


As is typical for creatures of their species, Pik and Pak could use their wings for gliding and flying with ease despite their anatomical flaws. Additionally, they were able to understand their own titles enough to acknowledge Yangchen's beckon.[4]


Graphic novels[]

Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Dawn of Yangchen[]

  • 116. "Making Ready"
  • 117. "Breaking In"
  • 119. "A Meeting of Minds"


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