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Piandao's castle is an upscale, lavish estate located high on a cliff overlooking the town of Shu Jing. The castle boasts sixteen bedrooms, two gardens, a sword-making foundry, and stables. The white lotus motif is incorporated into the design of the castle; it adorns the front gates and the floor of the main courtyard. Other notable decorations include the lion turtle sculptures found in the rock garden.[1]


Formerly the home of a Fire Nation nobleman, this castle sat unused and in disrepair for many years. Piandao eventually moved in and lived a quiet, peaceful life; the swordsman cleaned, painted, and landscaped the estate without assistance, making sure all the elements were in harmony. People occasionally traveled to the castle looking to be taught the art of swordmanship by Piandao, but rarely were they allowed to stay.[2]

Sometime during Piandao's stay at this castle, Fat was allowed entry and Piandao agreed to train him in exchange for his quality cooking. The two became close friends, with Piandao appointing Fat as the castle's new butler.[1]

Later, Piandao instructed Sokka in the way of the sword after the latter proved himself worthy. Under the swordsmaster's tutelage, Sokka learned many aspects of swordsmanship, including landscaping, painting, and dueling with Fat. During an exercise to manipulate his surroundings to his advantage, Sokka used Piandao's rock garden to make a chair in which he relaxed.[2]



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