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Pianchir Jing is a firebender orphan street kid who knows Republic City incredibly well.[1]


As an orphan, Jing knew Republic City like the back of his hand. He had been all over in every place, slipping out from his group home to go exploring wherever he liked. The triads made attempts to recruit him, but he managed to steer clear every time, being suspicious of them and their way of doing things.

He managed to always land some work thanks to kind, helpful people like Zhu Li Moon, as well as Wakkanai, who let him have a few work shifts at the water treatment facility of the city.[1]


Pianchir Jing is a wild individual and has an acerbic demeanor. He involves himself in many bad habits, including casual thievery, trespassing, gambling, and doing daredevil stunts.[1]


Pianchir Jing has a style of firebending that involves lighting things aflame using his fingers like matches. During a fight, he seeks to attack his enemies where they are weakest or most off-balance. Aside from his fighting abilities, he is renowed for his incredible knowledge of Republic City.[1]


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