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The Paper Lantern Gang was a crime group and street gang based in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. They were active in the aftermath of the Hundred Year War.[1]


The Paper Lantern Gang leaned on the intimidating presence of their leader, Cong, and his second-in-command, Hua, who were both intimidating master benders.

They lived rather comfortably compared to many gangs of Ba Sing Se, as they operated out of the Middle Ring. They held their territory in a vice grip until the Flying Koi Carnival moved in, with the thieving carnival refusing to pay the gang for what they owed for working in the Paper Lanterns' territory.

It was rumored that they were the laughingstock of the criminal underbelly of Ba Sing Se, and that the gang members were getting restless for their leader to do something.[1] Hua despised Cong and wanted to replace him, and she was aided in this endeavor by her girlfriend, Rose.[2]


The Paper Lantern Gang had a clear leadership structure, with one leader at the top, who also had a second-in-command under them. Cong was considered a rather lazy and unintelligent leader, and left most of the half work to Hua as second-in-command.[1][2]


The Paper Lanterns operated out of the basement of a small tea shop called the Stone Kettle in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se.[1] The storefront was tended by a Paper Lantern member, but hid stairs under the counter that led to the large headquarters of the gang. The leader and second-in-command had the ability to give anyone they liked access to the headquarters, but other Paper Lantern guards required entrants to share a passcode that changed daily. The headquarters was spacious and lush, with its walls intricately decorated in framed papercut art pieces made by Cong. One of the several doors off the main headquarters led to an art studio, often used by Cong.[3]

Notable members[]


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