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Pao was the owner of the Pao Family Tea House in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se.[3] He was a courteous man who was protective of his business and appreciated his employees. He valued Iroh's tea making skills and held him in high esteem.


Pao pleads

Pao tried to stop Quon from persuading Iroh to leave his tea shop.

During the Hundred Year War, Pao opened a tea shop in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. Despite Iroh's claims that the tea was not good, he managed to sustain his business until at least 100 AG.

Pao hired Zuko and Iroh to work in his tea shop, stimulating significant growth of his business due to Iroh's remarkable talent for brewing tea. Everything went well until Quon, a higher-class citizen, visited his tea shop after hearing about Iroh's magnificent tea-making skills. When he offered Iroh the opportunity to open his own tea shop and reside in an apartment in the Upper Ring of the city, Pao made every attempt to keep Iroh, including offering numerous job promotions, all to no avail. Excited, Iroh accepted Quon's offer, much to the distress of Pao.[1]

After the fall of Ba Sing Se, Pao cowered in his tea shop as thousands of Fire Nation soldiers entered the city unopposed.[4]


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  • Pao () means "to boil" or "bubble", which ties in with his ownership of a tea shop.