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Panda lily

The panda lily is black-and-white, like its namesake.

The panda lily is a rare, black-and-white flower found in the Earth Kingdom. Growing only on the rim of volcanoes, the flower requires an exact soil composition and humidity level to thrive. A symbol of love, the panda lily is often used to win the heart of a crush. They carry a significance similar to that of the fire lily in the Fire Nation. A particularly likely place to find the panda lily is on the rim of Mt. Makapu.[1] It is named for its black-and-white colors.


Panda lily on top of the mountain

Several panda lilies can be found at the top of Mt. Makapu.

A young woman in Makapu Village once received a fortune from the local oracle, Aunt Wu, that she would receive a rare panda lily from her true love, a prediction that eventually came true. While visiting the village, Aang and Sokka climbed to the top of Mt. Makapu to find a panda lily that the Avatar could give to Katara.[2]


  • The tradition of retrieving a flower from a highly specific and dangerous part of a mountain in order to prove one's love is very similar to the tradition involving the edelweiss flower. This plant also grows specifically in precariously high cliffs of the Swiss Alps, and a gift of one to a Swiss maiden is said to be the ultimate symbol of love.


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