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Ozai's beach house is a vacation home located on Ember Island. Every summer before he was crowned Fire Lord, Ozai would take his family to the island. This estate was the most beautiful on Ember Island, but became rundown and decrepit looking after Zuko and his family stopped going there for many years.[1] The beach house would later act as Team Avatar's hideaway just prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet.


Zuko at the beach house

The main door of the house leads to a large open room.

When Zuko and Azula were younger, Ozai and Ursa lived in this beach house with the two children during their vacations to Ember Island. These trips often entailed visits to the Ember Island Players, and Zuko later described this time as being "when [his] family was actually happy".[2]

In the summer of 100 AG, Prince Zuko, Princess Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee were sent away from the Fire Nation Capital for a vacation. While here, Zuko thought back to the times his family spent on the estate, when they were still happy. Zuko's bitterness caused him to use keepsakes from the house, such as a family portrait, as tinder for a campfire on the beach in order to keep him and his friends warm. Princess Azula believed the beach house was "depressing" and disliked being near it.[3]

Several months later, the beach house was once again occupied, this time by the Avatar and his friends, which included the newly recruited Zuko. The firebender brought them to the beach house as a replacement hideout after Azula chased them out of the Western Air Temple.[4] Katara believed it was strange for them to hide from the Fire Lord in his own beach house, but Zuko assured her neither Ozai nor Azula would think to look there.[2]

Fire stream

Aang worked on his firebending training alongside Zuko in the courtyard.

Aang and Zuko used the beach house's courtyard for firebending training to prepare for the upcoming battle. Three days before Sozin's Comet's arrival, the Avatar and his friends held a last-minute beach party that Zuko interrupted by attacking Aang, chasing him from the beach and into the house, causing minor damages to the building.[2]


  • Although it was mostly said to be Ozai's family's property, Iroh and Lu Ten were seen walking along the beach there in flashbacks.


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