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Oyaluk was the chief of the Water Tribes during the late era of Szeto and early era of Yangchen.


Early life and Nong's civil war[]

Oyaluk was part of a family which was notable for a genetic quirk which resulted in some of its members being born with just one arm, starting with a distant ancestor who had won renown as a great whaler.[4] At some point, his family's dynastic amulet was lost; Oyaluk became "obsessed" with recovering it, even after becoming chief[3] at some point during the era of Szeto. After the Fire Nation Avatar's death, a young Yangchen occasionally visited the Northern Water Tribe with Abbess Dagmola. On these occasions, Oyaluk happily watched the Air Nomad Avatar play with his nieces and nephews, hoping that she might usher into an era marked more by compassion and less by pragmatic as well as ruthless dealings.[5]

At some point after the start of Oyaluk's reign, a civil war broke out in the Earth Kingdom, as General Nong attempted to usurp Earth King Feishan. As fighting dragged on, Oyaluk and Fire Lord Gonryu became frustrated at the chaos in the Earth Kingdom,[1][4] while also concluding that Nong would be a much better (or at least cooperative) monarch than Feishan. Yet, neither the chief nor the Fire Lord wanted to make the first move. Ultimately, Oyaluk was contacted by messengers who claimed that Gonryu had committed himself to covertly supporting Nong. Wanting to act in concord with the Fire Nation, the Water Tribe chief also began to supply the Earth Kingdom rebels. In truth, however, both rulers had been manipulated by the Order of the White Lotus.[5]

Just as his ally in the Fire Nation, the chief sent a shipment of platinum ingots to General Nong to aid his operations.[1][4] His contribution was protected by two trusted warriors, his cousin Akuudan and Tayagum. However, the mission derailed when Feishan unexpectedly defeated Nong at Llamapaca's Crossing, also capturing the platinum and Oyaluk's agents. The chief opted to disavow Tayagum and Akuudan, leaving them to rot in an Earth Kingdom prison, either to save face or punish them for failing to protect his money.[4][5]

Isolationism and the threat of war[]

The scandal surrounding the Water Tribe and Fire Nation supporting Earth Kingdom rebels resulted in the Platinum Affair and a period of isolationism, as Earth King Feishan cut off economic contacts. As trade remained important, however, the shang merchants were organized as neutral intermediaries.[1] Just as the other rulers, Oyaluk eventually became wary and envious of the shangs' growing wealth and power, especially the shang city of Jonduri under Zongdu Chaisee.[2] In year 17 of the era of Yangchen, Oyaluk became aware of the existence of the secretive Unanimity project. The chief dispatched one of his Thin Claws to locate and capture Kavik, an informant who was connected to both the Unanimity project and Avatar Yangchen.[6]

A few months later, Oyaluk met with Yangchen in the Northern Water Tribe Royal Palace. After some festivities, the two engaged in confidential talks as Yangchen attempted to convince Oyaluk to use a international meeting at Taku to finally make peace with Feishan and end the nations' isolationist policies. The Water Tribe chief declared that his advisors and spies had informed him that Feishan suspected that the Water Tribe and the Fire Nation had been behind the Bin-Er incident, and was mobilizing his armies. Even as Yangchen attempted to allay his fears by claiming that the events at Bin-Er had been spiritual in nature, Oyaluk declared that the Earth King was evidently not believing so. Accordingly, the chief stated that would have to focus on defending his homeland, rallying his own armies and possibly striking first. He was also certain that the Fire Nation would do so as well, ensuring that the Water Tribe had at least one ally. As their talks reached no common grounds, Oyaluk and Yangchen consequently parted ways.[5]

War was averted when Yangchen effectively blackmailed Earth King Feishan into pulling his military back from the borders.[7] With Feishan's backing at the Taku convocation, Yangchen subsequently convinced Oyaluk and Gonryu to appoint herself as the "Protector" of all shang cities.[7][8]


Oyaluk was a calm and responsible ruler, skilled in statecraft and conspiracy. He generally attempted to do what was best for the Water Tribes, and he was not above sacrificing others or toppling other governments to do so. To some extent, Oyaluk was even willing to abandon his own family to protect his nation. Even though he was remorseful over his actions and appeared genuinely frustrated at having to engage in amoral actions, the chief ultimately remained committed to this way of doing things.[5]



Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Legacy of Yangchen[]

  • 203. "Among Friends"
Preceded by
Chief of the Water Tribes[9]
c. early era of Yangchen
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Skiri


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