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The term "Outpost soldiers" has not been confirmed by official sources.

These two outpost soldiers are privates in Kuvira's army who oversee logging operations in a remote region of the Earth Empire.[1]


In 174 AG, these soldiers were stationed in a forest in the new Earth Empire. One day, while on patrol they managed to capture Ikki, who only after being caught realized, that she was captured by members of the Earth Empire military.

After taking Ikki back to their post, the soldiers tied her to a chair and interrogated her in regards to her reasons for having crossed the Earth Empire's borders. Ikki started on a fast-paced ramble about how she came to be there, in which she revealed that she was Tenzin's daughter. Realizing their opportunity to gain a promotion, the two men planned to capture Ikki's siblings as well and turn them over to Kuvira. As the soldiers were attempting to please the airbender, she was offered a macaroon, though Ikki recognized the food as being made by her mother. When they asked Ikki about the whereabouts of her siblings, Ikki waved off the question, as she did not want to see them and preferred to hang out with the two men.

Ikki searches for Korra

Having befriended Ikki, the soldiers wanted to get as much information from her as possible, in order to get a reward and possible promotion.

The three of them settled down to have a conversation with each other and when the soldiers lamented over being left behind by Kuvira, Ikki sympathized with them as she felt like her siblings constantly excluded her from any fun stuff. Pointing out that Jinora and Meelo would not let her help in their search for Korra, the soldiers offered to help her instead. Giving her a map, Ikki indicated the route she had been traveling. When one of the soldiers noted that none of their troops had reported a sighting of the Avatar, Ikki asked about the Foggy Swamp, as no military seemed to be based there. Just as the soldiers were about to release her, emphasizing that she had a big heart and was a valuable member of her team, Meelo and Jinora barged in and knocked the soldiers out with their airbending. Before leaving the soldiers' house, Ikki apologized to them on her siblings' behalf and left them each with one of Pema's self-made sweet buns with happy faces.[2]


They were shown to be ambitious people and strong supporters of Kuvira's cause. They were also shown to be opportunistic, intending to kidnap Jinora, Ikki and Meelo and give them to Kuvira in hopes of getting promoted. When they got to know Ikki, however, they showed a more caring and supportive side, telling her she was a valuable member of her team and helping her locate the Avatar.[2]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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