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The otter penguin, or simply penguin, is an animal native to the Water Tribes.[1]


After being released from the iceberg, Aang's first request was to go penguin sledding with Katara, which she confusedly accepted. Later, upon seeing an otter penguin, a fascinated Aang immediately chased after it. Katara found him attempting to catch the animals, with little success. With Katara's help, he used fish to bait the penguins and, after being nearly trampled by the hungry creatures, managed to catch one on which he could go sledding. Katara caught a penguin for herself and joined Aang. As the two reached the end of the slope, their otter penguins tottered back up to the rest of the colony.[2]

Aang later rode an otter penguin while returning to the Southern Water Tribe village after being banished, in order to save the residents from Zuko.[3]

Wacky Wushu and his otter penguins performing at the Glacier Spirits Festival banquet.

When Katara and Sokka returned to the Southern Water Tribe in 102 AG for the first time after the conclusion of the Hundred Year War, Katara spotted several young children sledding down a hill on otter penguins. Reminiscing about the day she first met Aang, she invited her brother to take an otter penguin and sled down the hill with her. Sokka complied though regretted his choice once he flew through the snow at high speeds and collided with a wooden beam at the bottom of the slope. As he sat in the snow, dazed due to the crash, his otter penguin happily waddled back to its group.[4]

Otter penguins were employed by Wacky Wushu as performing animals for the Glacier Spirits Festival in 171 AG.[5]


The otter penguin is an aquatic, flightless, mammal-like bird found mainly in the Southern Water Tribe. It has four flippers and is approximately as tall as an adolescent human. The creature's face is somewhat otter-like, with a small black nose and whiskers. It has a short neck that blends smoothly into its chest, and its feet are webbed. The otter penguin's coloration is counter-shaded, meaning its back, tail, flippers, and head are black, while its underbelly is white.[2]


Otter penguins are sometimes used as sleds.

Although awkward on land, otter penguins are talented and graceful swimmers. They enjoy sliding down the icy shelves and hills of the poles, with or without a human passenger. Their oily feathers protect them from the cold water and also allow them to slide down icy slopes. Using the creature as a sled is a common recreational activity in both the Southern and Northern Water Tribes.

Otter penguins travel in large groups when on land. Though they will flee if chased, they can easily be lured with fish, which makes up most of its diet. It has one major natural predator, the tiger seal.[1]

In a somewhat domesticated state, an otter penguin is capable of performing for entertainment purposes.[5]


The otter penguin in the World of Avatar in many ways resembles the real world penguin, specifically the emperor penguin and other larger breeds. The primary differences between the otter penguin and the real world penguin are the former's two extra flippers and otter-like face, which lacks a beak.



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