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"Anyone besides Otaku, who already studied this in his acolyte training? And is answering every question."
Tenzin to the newfound airbenders regarding Otaku.[1]

Otaku is an Air Acolyte who received airbending abilities after the events of Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG.


Otaku was an Air Acolyte trained and raised to preserve and maintain the barely extant nation. Sometime after Harmonic Convergence, he gained his airbending and began learning how to control his bending at the Northern Air Temple under Tenzin's tutelage.

During one of Tenzin's lessons, Otaku was the only one who knew the answer to the airbending master's questions and was enthusiastic about demonstrating his knowledge of Air Nomad history. Though Tenzin fished for answers from other students, Otaku persisted until Tenzin finally relented and allowed him to answer. He later watched in amazement as Tenzin performed tricks on his flying bison, Oogi, but was disappointed to learn that it took years to learn what was needed to master one. Afterward, he greeted the airbenders who had arrived from Air Temple Island.

When Tenzin engaged the group in more rigorous training, Otaku struggled. He was unable to maintain his balance during a drill as several ring-tailed winged lemurs surrounded him and, during the obstacle course, he only managed to hold on to the rope as Meelo shot watermelons at the trainees, before being knocked off into the mud below by the speedy Kai. After the course, Otaku and the group were led in the Ba Gua exercise by Meelo after an angered Tenzin stormed out.

Later, Otaku was working on more balance exercises with the group and Meelo when Bumi found out through Bum-Ju and a bird spirit that Jinora was in trouble; Otaku was surprised to learn Bumi could communicate with spirits. When Bumi tried to rally them with the reasoning of their perseverance on the obstacle course, Otaku reminded his fellow trainee he had quit. Still, he followed his rallying cry and joined in the attack on the bison rustlers' camp to free Jinora, Kai, and some bison calves. Ultimately, their mission was a success and Otaku relaxed with his brethren that evening.[1]

After the Red Lotus attacked the Northern Air Temple, Otaku and the other occupants were taken by P'Li to a series of caves and held to the floor with several platinum chains by Red Lotus sentries.[2] After being rescued by Team Avatar, they left the cave and watched as Korra engaged in a fierce duel with Zaheer. At Jinora's order, Otaku and the other airbenders helped create a tornado which freed the Avatar and allowed her to throw down Zaheer, ending the duel. He subsequently watched as Suyin bent a metallic poison out of Korra, saving her life. Two weeks later, Otaku took part in Jinora's anointment as an airbending master. He listened to Tenzin's speech and helped bend up smoke from the candles, activating the wind chimes after her tattoos were revealed.[3]


Otaku is enthusiastic about his new abilities and has extensive knowledge of the Air Nomads from his time as an Air Acolyte. He is a bit of a know-it-all and stubborn to back down from sharing his knowledge.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


  • Otaku (オタク, おたく) is a term used in Japan to indicate a young person who is obsessed with a particular aspect of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills and is shunned by society. The term is usually associated with avid fans of anime and manga worldwide.
  • Unlike other male Air Acolytes that have been seen in The Legend of Korra, Otaku does not have a shaved head.
  • Otaku is the only known Air Acolyte to have become an airbender after Harmonic Convergence.


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