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Organizations in the world are common and range from law enforcement bodies to government establishments. The structure of such organizations differ greatly throughout the four nations.

Air Nomads

Council of Elders

Main article: Council of Elders

The Council of Elders comprised five head monks.

The Council of Elders were the leaders of the Air Nomads. Each of the air temples had its own council of head monks or nuns, their members being both the political and the religious authorities. The Northern and Southern councils were composed of five head monks each, and the Eastern and Western councils were composed of five head sisters each.[8]

Water Tribe

Military of the Water Tribe

Main article: Military of the Water Tribe

The military of the Water Tribe is shown here.

The military of the Water Tribe is a regionally divided organization that provides protection and executes armed assault. It is split between the Northern Water Tribe and the Southern Water Tribe.

The organization has a loose structure, and the chain of command is not well-defined. There is no overall military commander of the Water Tribe, command being divided between the north and south. It is clear, however, that the chiefs of the two tribes have overall authority over their respective tribal military.[9][10]

Earth Kingdom

Five-Seven-Five Society

Main article: Five-Seven-Five Society

The Five-Seven-Five Society is a haiku club in Ba Sing Se. The haiku is a form of poetry. Madame Macmu-Ling is the master and teacher of the Five-Seven-Five Society.[11]

Ba Sing Se University

Main article: Ba Sing Se University

Ba Sing Se University is a major educational institution, serving scholars throughout the Earth Kingdom. The greatest university in the world, at least according to its enrollment materials, the campus is a major landmark in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se.[1][2]

Council of Five

Main article: Council of Five

The Council of Five is the highest authority in the Earth Kingdom military, and oversees the country's entire war effort against the Fire Nation. The council is headed by General How, the commanding officer of the military. Among the council members is General Sung, who defends Ba Sing Se's Outer Wall from attack.[3]

Dai Li

Main article: Dai Li

The Dai Li stand atop the wall of Ba Sing Se.

The Dai Li were the secret police of Ba Sing Se who worked to capture, interrogate, and imprison political dissidents. They were created by Avatar Kyoshi centuries before the Hundred Year War with the aim of "protecting the cultural heritage of Ba Sing Se."[12]

Flying Opera Company

Main article: Flying Opera Company

The Flying Opera Company was a banding group of daofei operating in the Earth Kingdom in the late 4th and early 3rd centuries BG under the guise of being a theater troupe. Founded under by the renegade Air Nomad nun Jesa, they were a powerful criminal organization that held sway over local governors in the Earth Kingdom. After Jesa and her husband Hark died of a fever, the group fell on hard times and only held minimal influence in Chameleon Bay. Due to debts, the Company was forced to affiliate themselves with the Autumn Bloom Society of Hujiang. Three years after Jesa and Hark's death, their daughter, Avatar Kyoshi, joined the Company with Rangi, eventually assuming leadership of the group.[13]

Freedom Fighters

Main article: Freedom Fighters

The Freedom Fighters were a group of teenagers with the aim of ridding the world of firebenders, even if it meant killing innocents. They conducted their schemes under the leadership of Jet.[14]

Kang Shen

Main article: Kang Shen

The Kang Shen was a militant movement and spiritual sect comprised of nonbenders who believed they could become immune to bending by undergoing secret rituals. A large number of Kang Shens were recruited by the Autumn Bloom Society to free Xu Ping An from Governor Te Sihung's prison.[13]

Kyoshi Warriors

Main article: Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi Warriors wear identical uniforms and makeup, but sport different hairstyles and headdresses.

The Kyoshi Island Warriors are an all-female band of fighters led by Suki from Kyoshi Island.[5] All the warriors initially looked exactly the same,[5] but later they all sported different hairstyles and headdresses.[15]

Military of the Earth Empire

Main article: Military of the Earth Empire

The military of the Earth Empire was an organization headed by Kuvira from 171 to 174 AG designed to reunify the Earth Kingdom after the chaos that erupted following Queen Hou-Ting's death. After Wu was to be crowned, Kuvira announced the Empire's goal of conquering the entire Earth Kingdom under her control. After attempting to conquer the United Republic of Nations and being stopped by Avatar Korra, the organization was disbanded.

Military of the Earth Kingdom

Main article: Military of the Earth Kingdom

The military of the Earth Kingdom is the organization responsible for the defense of the Earth Kingdom. It consists of an army, a navy, air force, and several special forces groups. It wields considerable power, having held off Fire Nation assaults for a century.[6]

The earth monarch is the constitutional commander-in-chief, although at times, the monarch's actual power has been limited. The main commanding authority is the Council of Five, comprised of five senior generals who oversee any war effort from Ba Sing Se.[3]

Omashu Resistance

Main article: Omashu Resistance

The Omashu Resistance was a loosely-organized group of revolutionaries that fought to liberate the city of Omashu from Fire Nation rule. Created after the city was captured during the Hundred Year War, the forces were led by Yung and planned their operations underground.


Pirates are people who, along with others of equal status, are dedicated to boarding vessels at sea to steal and otherwise intervene with the activities on board. The pirate captain is the sinister leader of a band of pirates.[16][17]

Royal Earthbender Guards

Main article: Royal Earthbender Guards

The Royal Earthbender Guards protect the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace.

The Royal Earthbender Guards of Ba Sing Se, commonly known as the King's Guards, are earthbending warriors within the Earth Kingdom and are affiliated with neither the Dai Li nor the military. They serve as personal protectors of the Earth King.[18]

Terra Team

Main article: Terra Team

The Terra Team is an elite platoon of earthbenders under the command of General Sung. They attempted to stop the Fire Nation drill from penetrating the outer wall of Ba Sing Se.[19]

Fire Nation

Ember Island Players

Main article: Ember Island Players

The Ember Island Players portray Aang, Katara, Toph, and Sokka in The Boy in the Iceberg.

The Ember Island Players are a local acting troupe who perform at the Ember Island Theater, which is Ember Island's only theater. They do not have a reputation for quality acting, but they take themselves seriously and almost always pack the house, though this is probably because the theater is one of the only sources of night time entertainment on the island. They performed the play The Boy in the Iceberg.

Fire Nation circus

Main article: Fire Nation circus

The Fire Nation circus is a traveling circus that performs in the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom. It features an extremely large collection of rare and exotic animals. Ty Lee once performed as an acrobat at this circus, until she was intimidated by Azula into joining her on her mission to capture her brother. This circus also attempted to house and train Appa after acquiring him from the desert merchants.[15]

Fire Nation school

Main article: Fire Nation school

Located on one of the outer Fire Islands, this upper-class school molds the young minds of the Fire Nation. This school in particular is one of the better public schools of the Fire Nation. The teachers here maintain extreme order and are focused on creating the perfect Fire Nation citizen.

Fire Sages

Main article: Fire Sages

The Fire Sages guard the Fire Nation's Avatar Temple.

The Fire Sages are the religious authority of the Fire Nation, responsible for identifying the Avatar's incarnations when he is born in the Fire Nation, guarding the temple and conducting weddings, coronations and funerals for the Royal Family and to those who seek their help. When Avatar Roku died, they waited for the next Avatar, but he never came, so they served the Fire Lord instead.

Military of the Fire Nation

Main article: Military of the Fire Nation

The military of the Fire Nation is the unified military forces of the Fire Nation. It is the most powerful military force in the world and is much more technologically advanced than any other of the four nations. It would have won the Hundred Year War without the intervention of the Avatar. The Fire Lord is the commander-in-chief of the Fire Nation military, delegating his power through a select few generals and admirals of the army and navy, respectively. The War Minister develops and provides technology and equipment for the Fire Nation military, reporting directly to the Fire Lord.

New Ozai Society

Main article: New Ozai Society

The New Ozai Society is a Fire Nation rebel organization founded and headed by Ukano with the aim of dethroning Zuko and reinstating Ozai as Fire Lord.[20]

Rough Rhinos

Main article: Rough Rhinos

The Rough Rhinos are an elite group of Fire Nation komodo rhino cavalry. They do not seem to be under the direct control of the military, but instead work on a freelance basis for the Fire Nation. There are five members of the group, each of whom specializes in a different type of weapon/fighting style. Interestingly, each of their preferred weapons are not well adapted for close-combat.

Royal Fire Academy for Girls

Main article: Royal Fire Academy for Girls

The Royal Fire Academy for Girls is an upper class academy located in the Fire Nation. Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula attended this academy when they were young. It is an elite school, and only the Fire Lord and other rich nobles living in the capital can send their daughters to the school.

Royal servants

Royal servants washing Azula's feet.

Main article: Royal servants

Over one hundred servants work in the Fire Nation Royal Palace and tend to the Royal Family's every need. To become a royal servant is the honor of a lifetime for the servants and their families.

The Flamey-Os

Main article: The Flamey-Os

This is a young, underground Fire Nation band. The band's members are school-aged kids who dream of touring the world.

Yuyan Archers

Main article: Yuyan Archers

The Yuyan Archers were of considerable skill.

The Yuyan Archers were an extremely skilled group of Fire Nation archers that were mainly used as security guards, before being re-tasked by Admiral Zhao in his hunt of the Avatar. Their skill was so considerable that they were able to shoot up to four arrows at a time, and were said to be able to "pin a fly to a tree from a hundred yards away without killing it".[21] Vachir, a member of the Rough Rhinos, was formerly a member of the Yuyan Archers.[22]

United Republic of Nations

Air Acolytes

Main article: Air Acolytes

The Air Acolytes reside in the air temples.

Air Acolytes are monks and nuns that reside on Air Temple Island, responsible for carrying on the traditions of the Air Nomads. The first Air Acolytes were appointed by Avatar Aang himself and they consisted of the members in the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club in both Ba Sing Se and Yu Dao.[23]

Cabbage Corp

Main article: Cabbage Corp

Cabbage Corp is the name of a company that produces automobiles. Its only known model is the Cabbage Car, a cheaper, more compact alternative to the Satomobile produced by Hiroshi Sato's Future Industries.

Future Industries

Main article: Future Industries

Future Industries is the name of the company founded by Hiroshi Sato. After Hiroshi's incarceration for his part in the Anti-bending Revolution, ownership of the company passed to his daughter, Asami. Using state-of-the-art technology and the assembly line, the factory produces over a hundred luxury Satomobiles on a daily basis.


Main article: Equalists

The Lieutenant and several Equalists assembled.

The Equalists were an organization directed against the art of bending, and as a direct result, benders themselves. They utilized chi blocking as a means to counteract bending and its advantages. They also used long range weapons, called bolas, to tie together and restrain the arms and legs of their enemies.

Keum Enterprises

Keum Enterprises is the largest land development company in Republic City[24] and was founded by Wonyong Keum, who remains its head. Keum Enterprises once did business with Future Industries, until Wonyong Keum learned of Hiroshi Sato's plans to build an illegal gas dispersal weapon, which caused Wonyong to walk out on the deal with Future Industries. Keum Enterprises also owned the land around the Republic City spirit portal and initially sought to develop it into an amusement park,[25] but later handed the land over to the United Republic of Nations after the spirit portal crisis. Keum Enterprises has since made up with the new head of Future Industries, Asami Sato, and is interested in doing business with them should Asami Sato agree to do so.[26]

Metalbending Police Force

The Metalbending Police Force are the law enforcement team of Republic City.

The Metalbending Police Force is the elite law enforcement team of Republic City. After Lin Beifong left the police force, her position as police chief was taken over by Saikhan. By using metalbending to manipulate the metal cables within the cylindrical spool devices on their backs, the metalbenders are able to restrain criminals and navigate the city quickly and efficiently. They also carry equipment, such as truncheons and riot shields. The Metalbending Police Force monitors events in the city through use of several airships, and this mobility allows them to easily apprehend criminals and deploy forces for pursuit.


Main article: Bending triads

The Triple Threat Triad threatened a shopkeeper.

Republic City is separated into sections controlled by different organized crime groups. They collect "protection money" or bribes from shopkeepers to guarantee that their belongings do not get destroyed. Among these triads, the most famous would be the Triple Threat Triad, who are close rivals with the Red Monsoon Triad and the Agni Kai Triad. They often get into "turf wars" where they might battle each other for control of the city.

Tarrlok's task force

Main article: Tarrlok's task force

Tarrlok's task force, after capturing Equalists, arrested them in the presence of the Republic City press.

Tarrlok's task force is a unit created by Councilman Tarrlok under the approval of the United Republic Council with the objective of fighting the Equalists and capturing Amon.

United Forces

Main article: United Forces

The United Forces is the United Republic of Nations' main line of defense against the nation's enemies.

United Republic Council

Main article: United Republic Council

The United Republic Council in session.

The United Republic Council was the governing body of the United Republic of Nations from the time of the country's establishment to the assembly's dissolution in 171 AG. It was composed of representatives from the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Air Nation, and both the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. The Chairman directed Council conventions and also acted as a spokesperson, regularly informing the public of the assembly's deliberations through news interviews.[27]

Neutral organizations

Fifth Nation

Main article: Fifth Nation

The Fifth Nation was a band of pirates that dominated the seas for generations, reaching its zenith in the early 3rd century BG under the leadership of the ruthless waterbender Tagaka. Consisting of waterbenders, firebenders, and nonbenders, it was culturally and ethnically diverse, and the largest group of pirates in the world in its heyday. They committed the notorious raid of Zeizhou Province in the Earth Kingdom, capturing thousands of citizens as their slaves. The Fifth Nation was destroyed in 296 BG after Tagaka offered a truce to the supposed Avatar, Yun, ambushing him and his affiliates. In the ensuing battle, the true Avatar, Yun's servant Kyoshi, managed to lift a mountain from the sea bed, allowing Jianzhu to deal a devastating blow to the Fifth Nation's fleet. Tagaka was imprisoned in Lake Laogai and the Fire Navy attacked the remaining bases, freeing their captured peoples and eliminating the pirate group.[28]

Order of the White Lotus

Main article: Order of the White Lotus

The Order of the White Lotus derives their name from the white lotus tile of Pai Sho.

The Order of the White Lotus is an ancient secret society that transcends national boundaries. The Order is about philosophy, beauty and truth. They are devoted to the sharing of ancient knowledge and philosophy across national and political divides. Formed centuries prior to the Hundred Year War by the wisest scholars from all over the world, the Order began as a club where these ancient masters could challenge one another on the Pai Sho table. They derived their name from the white lotus tile used in Pai Sho, a key element in their favored strategy in the game. Iroh was a Grand Lotus of the Order.

Red Lotus

Main article: Red Lotus

Founded by Xai Bau, the Red Lotus is a splinter faction of the Order of the White Lotus. Their goals are to have humans and spirits coexist again and to usher in a new world order by doing away with the established nations and its leaders, which they originally planned to do by freeing Vaatu from the Tree of Time. As of 171 AG, only four members of the group are publicly known, having been incarcerated for thirteen years following a failed attempt to kidnap Avatar Korra.

Team Avatar

Main article: Team Avatar

The original Team Avatar stayed at Ozai's beach house for a time.

Team Avatar was composed originally of Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Appa. Their mission was to save the world from the Fire Nation. They traveled from the Southern Water Tribe to the Fire Nation. They started their journey when they found Aang in an iceberg. As their journey continued, Momo became a member at the Southern Air Temple, and Toph Beifong joined the team as Aang's earthbending instructor. During the final leg of their journey, Zuko and Suki became members of the team. They were successful in completing their mission during the arrival of Sozin's Comet.

Team Avatar (Korra)

Main article: Team Avatar (Korra)

The second Team Avatar consists of Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami Sato.

Inspired by Aang and his friends, a new Team Avatar was formed in 170 AG by Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami Sato as they wanted to do their part in the fight against the Equalists and restore harmony between the benders and nonbenders of Republic City. Although they drifted apart due to each having their own responsibilities in the city, they were there for each other when needed.

Varrick Global Industries

Main article: Varrick Global Industries

Varrick Global Industries is a massive corporation headed by Iknik Blackstone Varrick and his wife Zhu Li Moon. The company creates all sorts of technology, from film to weapons for war. Varrick Global Industries switched from creating weapons and profiting from war after the conclusion of the Water Tribe Civil War and is instead focusing many of its resources to building housing for those displaced during the invasion of the United Republic of Nations.[25]


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