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Guru Pathik offered Aang some onion-banana juice after the young Avatar arrived at the Eastern Air Temple.

Onion-banana juice is a beverage made, as the name suggests, by combining onion and banana. Avatar Aang described it to be terrible, though there were many who loved it, considering it an "acquired taste". It was a favorite of Guru Pathik, who claimed it helped the process of cleansing chakras.[1][2]


When Aang was training with Pathik, the guru offered this drink to him as he was about to begin the process of opening his chakras in order to master the Avatar State. When Aang first drank this juice, he was disgusted by the drink and spat it out. However, after successfully opening his air chakra, Aang requested more, despite his initial disgust, supporting the argument that the drink is an acquired taste.[2]

Later, when Aang was in the mire of a daydream before the impending Invasion of the Fire Nation, he saw a six-armed Pathik drinking onion-banana juice.[3]


  • Onion-banana juice makes one's burps taste like pickles.[1]
  • The onion-banana juice was based on what a friend of Bryan Konietzko's was eating at a yoga retreat.[4]


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