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This article is about the resistance effort organized in Omashu following its capture by the Fire Nation. For other uses, see Omashu (disambiguation).

The Omashu Resistance was a group of rebels with the goal of liberating the city of Omashu from Fire Nation control after its capture.


When the Fire Nation invaded Omashu, earthbenders and soldiers, led by Yung, prepared for battle. However, King Bumi, utilizing his fighting style of neutral jing, surrendered the city, which was subsequently occupied by the Fire Nation and renamed New Ozai. Though Bumi had been captured, the remaining citizens organized themselves into a group with the intent of taking back control of the city. Yung and his soldiers quickly formed the underground resistance in the sewers with the objective of driving the Fire Nation out.[1]

During the spring of 100 AG, members of the resistance pushed stones and rocks down the city's chutes toward the governor and his family, wishing to eliminate them, but Avatar Aang blasted the rocks away with his airbending. Shortly afterward, with some persuasion by Aang, Yung agreed to evacuate all the citizens of Omashu in the hopes of fighting another day, using the false pretense of a plague. His wishes of freedom came true during the eclipse when King Bumi, in whom Yung had lost faith after the capture of Omashu, saw that it was the right time to strike and single-handedly liberated his city, thus turning the resistance movement into a success.[2]


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