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Ogodei was a member of a Fire Nation cavalry unit known as the Rough Rhinos.[3] He was a master of his preferred weapon, the bolo,[2] or chains. After the Hundred Year War, he remained with the Rough Rhinos as they became a force for hire.[4]


During the Hundred Year War[]

Ogodei was originally an engineer before becoming part of the Rough Rhinos.[5] In 91 AG, Ogodei and the other members of the Rough Rhinos attacked the village where Jet was living. The team destroyed the village and killed his parents in the process, fueling Jet's strong hatred for the Fire Nation.[6]

At some point between 95 and 99 AG, Ogodei and his comrades were hired by Fire Lord Ozai to hunt down Onomu, a former Fire army general who had defected to the Earth Kingdom.[5] In late 99 AG, Ogodei and the other Rough Rhinos invaded another Earth Kingdom village, forcing several inhabitants to become refugees, among whom were Than and his pregnant wife, Ying.[7]

In spring 100 AG, Ogodei took part in the ambush of Aang and his friends while they were camping in a forest near Chin Village. He used his chains to pull down a tree in an attempt to block Aang's path, but to no avail as the Avatar nimbly somersaulted over the obstacle, and the three youngsters managed to escape on Appa.[8]

Ogodei attacks Katara

Ogodei attacked Katara at Chin Village.

The evening of the following day, Ogodei followed the rest of the Rough Rhinos to Chin Village when Mongke intended to claim the Earth Kingdom town in the name of Fire Lord Ozai. Following his leader's order, he rode his komodo rhino through town, using his chain to pull down buildings as he passed by. However, when he tried to tie down Katara with his weapon, she used her waterbending to revert the weapon's direction, tying him up instead. Bound by his own chains, Ogodei watched helplessly as Katara whipped his mount with her water, causing it to race off.[8]

Later that spring, Ogodei was excited to learn that the Avatar was spotted in a town a few miles from their current location as he loved towns. When the Rough Rhinos arrived, they saw Sokka seemingly bending water and earth, mistaking him to be the Avatar. After Kahchi captured Sokka, Ogodei attempted to strike down Toph Beifong with a guan dao, though found himself thwarted by her earthbending. He fled the town when Aang, Katara, and Toph simultaneously unleashed an attack on the Rough Rhinos, stating that he no longer liked that town.[9]

The Rough Rhinos later tracked down and ambushed the fugitive Iroh and Zuko near the Si Wong Desert, seeking to apprehend them. Ogodei swung his ball and chain at Iroh, who kicked it away. The ball redirected and the chain wrapped itself around the leg of Kahchi's rhino. When Iroh swatted the rear of the chained rhino, the beast ran off, dragging Ogodei, who had one end of the chain attached to his belt, along with him.[10]

Guards at the Earthen Fire Refinery[]

After the end of the Hundred Year War, Ogodei and the Rough Rhinos offered their services for hire to anyone. They came under the employ of Loban and Lao Beifong as their personal security detail and accompanied them on a trip to Yu Dao in 102 AG. Upon their return, they spotted Avatar Aang and his friends on the grounds of the Earthen Fire Refinery.[4]

Ogodei captured three Air Acolytes

Ogodei managed to capture Xing Ying, Yee-Li, and Jingbo, before Toph Beifong used her metalbending to trap him with his own weapon.

When Lao ordered them to escort Team Avatar off the premises, Ogodei was happy to comply, looking forward to a fight with them. He was immediately knocked back, though, when Toph rose the earth underneath his feet to create a slide over which Aang blew him away. He got back on his feet and targeted the Air Acolytes, who had distanced themselves from the fight, mocking that he would not hurt them while spinning his chains above his head. He was forced to retreat, however, when Jingbo charged him while riding a forklift, but Ogodei managed to capture Xing Ying and Yee-Li with his bolo and grabbing Jingbo by the collar, when the three acolytes started to talk among themselves. Much to his shock, however, the bolo suddenly wrapped itself around him, as he had failed to notice that Toph had come up behind him and used her metalbending skills to free the acolytes.[1]


Ogodei enjoyed combat, especially when he was able to humiliate his opponents with his bolas and chain. In fact, his fighting style was deliberately aimed at showcasing his enemies' weakness and assert his own dominance. While a very skilled fighter, this desire to show off would occasionally backfire when Ogodei's enemies used his weapons against him.[5]


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  • Ogodei's attire bore resemblance to the Fire Nation engineers who worked on the Fire Nation drill.[11]
  • Ogodei was seen thrice attacking people directly with his ball and chain and each time, he was defeated by his own weapon.
  • In the comic "Sokka the Avatar", Ogodei is shown wielding a halberd, Kahchi's typical weapon, while Kahchi is shown using a bolo, Ogodei's typical weapon.
  • Ogodei has the Earthen Fire Refinery logo tattooed onto his left shoulder in The Rift.
  • Ogodei's name resembles that of Ögedei Khan, a succesor to Gengis Khan who conquered the Rus' and Persia, expanding the Mongol Empire.


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