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Nyanchi was an Air Nun who was a passionate advocate for the Earth Sages after the order was dissolved in the Night of Silenced Sages.[1]


Nyanchi was born and raised at the Eastern Air Temple and chafed under her teachings due to her stubborn free spirit. When an earthbender named Boin arrived at the air temple on pilgrimage to discuss helping the Earth Sages, Nyanchi saw a kindred spirit and an opportunity to leave and see the world under Boin's tutelage while having a good time doing it.[1] Nyanchi captured Boin's imagination, and he promised the Air Nomads he would watch over her while they traveled together, acting as her guardian.[2]

Taking up Boin's mission to spread the word about the Earth Sages, Nyanchi traveled the world together with him.[1] Eventually, they met up with Ezra and Zeebee, helping to save Sister Rioshon from bandits.[3] Nyanchi decided that she wanted to visit the Fire Nation, so she convinced Boin to accompany Rioshon so that the pair would be in the Fire Nation Capital during the upcoming royal wedding between Princess Zeisan and Monk Khandro. Nyanchi had to hand-copy five hundred flyers about the Earth Sages to hand out along with Boin.[1] However, Rioshon eventually asked Nyanchi and the rest of the team escorting her to warn Princess Zeisan about a sinister plot to disrupt a pre-wedding symposium held by the princess, being unable to do so herself as she was being watched.[4]


Enthusiastic and talkative, Nyanchi chafed under her teachings at the Eastern Air Temple due to being a stubborn free spirit.[1]


When she used her airbending, Nyanchi made use of a twisting, arcing fighting style, often creating swirling miniature cyclones.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


  • Nyanchi is a pregenerated character for players to use in An Urgent Request, using The Bold playbook.[2]
  • Nyanchi was played by Becca Scott during the All-Star Actual Play of An Urgent Request.
  • Nyanchi is bonded with a dragonfly bunny spirit.
    • In the All-Star Actual Play, Becca Scott called the dragonfly bunny spirit "Buzzlebee". However, this detail is not present on Nyanchi's character sheet.[5]