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"No Benders Allowed" is a comic book that takes place in Book Three: Fire, originally released by Nickelodeon Comics Club magazine[1] and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures.


Sokka, who feels left out by the bending members of Team Avatar, creates a club exclusive to nonbenders. All the benders except Aang resist the urge of joining the club, an action that would result in them conceding to the nonbenders of the group.


Aang, Katara, Zuko, Toph, and Haru depart the Western Air Temple for bending practice, but before they take flight on Appa, Zuko justifies leaving the nonbenders of the group behind by quipping that they would get caught in the crossfire of the benders' elements. Feeling dejected, Sokka tells Teo and The Duke that the benders were not aware of what they were missing while they were gone. With the knowledge that, in fact, nothing ever happens while the benders are out, Sokka builds a clubhouse so that the benders might see it upon their return. When Aang tries to enter the club later that night, Sokka stops him, informing the Avatar that it is a bend-free establishment. Although Aang still wishes to get in, Katara encourages him to leave it alone, as according to her, Sokka is only being a baby.

Aang points an accusatory finger at his fallen bending brethren.

While the benders are eating dinner that same night a toy, shaped similarly to a glider, flies from the "Bendless Boomerang Club" above Aang's head. He almost snatches it from the air, but Teo and The Duke retrieve it first and return to the club. At this, Aang can take it no longer and begs his bending friends to go to the club with him, justifying that the hats and flying toys must be cool enough to entertain the others, but they all shrug it off as "kiddie stuff." Katara persuades Aang to get some sleep instead, but the next morning, after Aang pleads with Sokka to let him enter, Sokka agrees, revealing to the Avatar that his bending friends had already been admitted despite their adamance not to set foot in the clubhouse the night before. They all defend themselves with weak reasons for why they decided to join the club, but Aang relents and thanks Sokka for allowing them to come in. One final condition that Sokka explains is that Aang and the rest of the benders must recite the Boomeranger Oath:

"I pledge allegiance to my bendless brethren, and admit that no bending can equal the might of the noble boomerang. One team, under hats, indivisible, with snacks and field trips for all."

Aang, Zuko, Toph, Haru, and Katara all get down on one knee and recite this pledge, while Sokka, Momo, The Duke, and Teo watch satisfactorily from the corner.

Production notes


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Series continuity

  • Considering the fact that Aang and Zuko apparently have the ability to truly firebend at the time of this story, and the fact that Suki and Hakoda are not present at the temple, "No Benders Allowed" takes place between "The Firebending Masters" and "The Boiling Rock, Part 1".
  • In this comic, Toph appears to be quite comfortable with getting foot massages, whereas in "The Tales of Ba Sing Se", she mentions to Katara that she does not want the attendants at the Fancy Lady Day Spa to touch her feet.


  • On the second page, the glove part of Katara's armband is missing.


  • The oath is an overt parody of the United States' Pledge of Allegiance.
  • When saying the oath, the benders have to raise a hand and curve the index finger like a boomerang, similar to what Sokka did in the non-canon "Bending Battle".


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