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Niuan was a Fire Sage of the Fire Nation Capital. Serving as religious figure during the rule of Fire Lord Azulon, he long believed his country's propaganda and helped to support a regime which caused much suffering around the world. Upon finally realizing that the Fire Nation was actually waging a brutal war of imperialism, Niuan grew deeply disillusioned, and resolved to leave his old life behind to spend his final years far away from corruption, power, and violence.


Niuan was born in 25 AG and grew up in the Fire Nation Capital's Hari Bulkan, a location inhabited only by the Fire Nation Royal Family and the country's elite. Accordingly, he had a very sheltered life, believing the Fire Nation's propaganda about the Hundred Year War. He was very loyal and fully supported Fire Lord Azulon's government while serving as a Fire Sage.[1] Since he was a member of the Fire Nation's upper class, Niuan regularily attended parties for the elite. In course of one of these he became acquainted with Sun Po, an influential and wealthy merchant. The two took a liking to each other and became friends, eventually starting to play Pai Sho every Sunday.[2]

After many years of loyal service to the Fire Nation, Niuan was granted a tour of the Fire Nation colonies as a reward. Instead of enjoying the trip, however, the Fire Sage was horrified at witnessing the suffering and inequality in many colonies. He realized that he had been aiding an imperialistic and brutal regime the entire time, and became deeply conflicted. Despite being already 70 years old, Niuan came to the conclusion that he could not continue as before. By the time of Fire Lord Ozai's coronation, he had resolved to give up his position as Fire Sage and move away from the Fire Nation Capital, hoping to leave the "hard questions of morality or guilt" behind.[1]

In order to flee the capital, Niuan decided to aid a group which had been imprisoned by his fellow Fire Sage, Bai. Consisting of Teek, Aniki, Wenli, Xaipan, Sunlin, and Yinzin, this band of intruders had intended to steal a scroll containing secret informations from the Dragonbone Catacombs before being arrested. Niuan released them during the festivities surrounding Ozai's coronation and gave them the scroll. In return, they agreed to help him. However, Bai became aware of this, and chased after the escapees.[3]


For much of his life, Niuan did not question his superiors and surroundings, firmly believing that his secure and wealthy existence reflected the lifes of the inhabitants of the Fire Nation's global empire. However, he was also a moral man wanting to do the right things. Accordingly, his experiences in the colonies caused a crisis of faith and a complete reevaluation of his existence. Niuan began to regard freedom as the highest good, hoping to escape his dark past and start anew. He also became completely committed to non-violence, wanting to never hurt anyone ever again to atone for his previous support of his country's war machine.[1]


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