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Mayor Nishi was the mayor of a Fire Nation colony in the western Earth Kingdom. An elderly woman, she was an opponent of the Harmony Restoration Movement and felt a deep connection to her homeland in the Earth Kingdom. She was taken back to the Fire Nation on Appa, briefly conversing with Avatar Aang.[1]


Nishi was appointed mayor of an established colony in the Earth Kingdom. During the Harmony Restoration Movement, Mayor Nishi's town started the process of decolonization. Despite the mayor's objections and misgivings, the town's Fire Nation population was deported to the Fire Nation by ship, with Avatar Aang personally transporting the mayor to her destination. During this time, Aang attempted to convince the mayor that all the previous colonists that had returned to the Fire Nation eventually enjoyed it, though the mayor countered by arguing that the previously liquidated colonies had been young, and the people had no connection to the Earth Kingdom. Upon landing in the Fire Nation, however, she was told that Fire Lord Zuko had withdrawn his support of the movement, and the mayor and the other citizens were ordered returned to their colony.[1]


Nishi was shown to be thoughtful and pragmatic, both opposed to the removal of all of the Fire Nation colonies and skeptical of how well the Harmony Restoration Movement would work. She understood how people grow close to their homelands and knew that the movement would be a challenge to those who grew up in the Earth Kingdom, as colonists. She also seemed to be shocked by Aang's dance while atop Appa, suggesting she may have been slightly conservative or unfamiliar with dancing.[1]


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