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Nima is a student organizer at Republic City University. She is co-chair of the Healing the City Committee, a student-led organization that strives to help Republic City rebuild.[1]


Nima is the first member of her family to attend university. Her parents worked tirelessly to ensure Nima had everything that she needed to succeed, but they were crushed by rubble when General Kuvira's massive mecha attacked the city. Nima took time off from school to emotionally recover after losing her parents.

When Nima discovered Iknik Blackstone Varrick was speaking at the university, she went to one of his lectures and was ready to pose some hard questions, since he had once been an adviser to the Earth Empire. However, before she could finish her question, she was dismissed by the businessman as misguided. Nima told Varrick what she really thought of him, resulting in numerous clashes between the student and guest lecturer. However, Varrick surprised Nima when he admitted that she had a few valid points, and asked what he could do to help make it right.[2] Around this time, Nima also demanded to be referred to by her own name instead of "Student 34", and Varrick was annoyed by her request.[2]

With efforts to rebuild the city now in motion, Nima was set to work on community organizing, and gathered a group of like-minded students to who were interested in helping out. They used Varrick's funds to bankroll their charity efforts. The businessman lent the new Healing the City Committee whatever status and official sanction he could, and continued to bounce in and out of the project as was his wont.

While everyone in the movement knew that Nima was the one putting in the work on a daily basis, Varrick was still the face of the Healing the City Committee to the outside world.[1] Some students therefore began to worry that the charity efforts must be corrupt, or that Varrick would use his new position to influence university policy.[3] A group of outspoken students who were critical of Varrick sprung up around a rebel named Yichen, and he started sending Varrick and the charity group several anonymous threats.[2][1] Nima was infuriated after reading the letters that the group received.[1]


Nima has never been one to stand for insults, which led to her taking a stand against Varrick and telling the businessman what she really thought of him. She is also driven to do good for her community, being dedicated to her charity work.[1]


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