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The term "Naval mine" has not been confirmed by official sources.

Naval mine

Naval mines were deployed by the Equalists in Yue Bay to strike battleships.

A naval mine is a nautical explosive utilized by the Equalists to sink marine vessels. Deployed underwater, these mines detonate upon impact with anything that comes into contact with them and create a massive explosion capable of crippling a United Forces battleship.


Battleship striking a mine

A naval mine detonated upon contact with a United Forces battleship, resulting in the vessel's immediate destruction.

Following the Equalist occupation of Republic City, the United Forces, led by General Iroh, unexpectedly met no resistance upon entering the city's harbor. As the fleet made its way closer to the metropolis, they were ambushed when the fleet sailed right into a mine field laid out beneath the surface of the harbor. Resting just below the surface of the water, the mines went unnoticed until several battleships finally struck them; they inflicted massive damaged on the ships' hulls, leaving them out of commission in the water. Iroh ordered his water and earthbender soldiers to detonate the mines, but the battleships were easy targets for the squadron of biplanes that were on their way to bomb the vulnerable fleet in the commotion of the mines.[1]


The naval mines employed by the Equalists were spherical in shape and covered with blunt prods that contained a blasting caps which, when struck by another object such as a vessel, detonated the main charge located in the center of the spherical shell. The blast created by this charge was enough to cripple a battleship or cause massive damage to the area immediately affected by the blast.


  • These are one of two types of mines seen in either series, the first being the tangle mine created by Hakoda while defending Chameleon Bay against the Fire Navy.[2]
  • The design of these mines bears a striking resemblance to the Polish wz. 08/39 contact mine.


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