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Narook's Seaweed Noodlery is a restaurant located in the Little Water Tribe neighborhood of Republic City.[2][3] It serves authentic Southern Water Tribe cuisine at affordable prices, including seaweed noodles, which are advertised on the radio as the best in the city.[1] The interior of the restaurant includes traditional Water Tribe decorations, such as an animal skin bearing the Water Tribe's national emblem.[4]


The Wolfbats confronting Korra

The White Falls Wolfbats confronted Korra and Bolin in the restaurant.

When Korra agreed to go out with Bolin, the two visited this restaurant to enjoy traditional Water Tribe cuisine, much to Korra's pleasure. They heartily enjoyed their dinner before being interrupted by Tahno, who was present with the rest of the White Falls Wolfbats and their fangirls. Tahno came over and taunted Korra, insulting her and the Fire Ferrets' pro-bending skills. Although tempted to challenge him to a fight, Korra was warned by Bolin that any violence would disqualify the Fire Ferrets from the Pro-bending Tournament. Heeding his warning, she called on Naga instead, who struck her head through one of the windows and intimidated Tahno with a loud roar.

After Bolin saw Korra and Mako kiss, he came to this restaurant with Pabu and wept the entire night, attempting to ease his misery by eating noodles. Mako showed up the next morning and forcefully carried his brother out of the eatery.[4]

Three years later, the White Falls Wolfbats were enjoying a meal there when Prince Wu motivated the people of Republic City over the city's intercom to evacuate due to Kuvira's imminent threat.[5]


Dinner at Narook's

The dining tables are square-shaped and made from wood.

Narook's Seaweed Noodlery is located in a dark, narrow alleyway, on the ground floor of a high-rise building. Its entrance is a green sliding door made from wood, which is designed with intricate geometric designs for aesthetic purposes. Surrounding the door are various temple-like architectural adornments as well as four yellow lanterns and a door-curtain.

The interior of the restaurant is heavily decorated with authentic Water Tribe relics, art, and tapestry, though it maintains some modern touches alongside these traditional ones. Such designs are mainly yellow in coloration, with blue lines, borders, and flags in certain portions. The art style of these designs include both straight or jagged lines and swirls. A window can be found on a side wall of the restaurant, though it is often closed during the night. The building's tables and seats, of which there are three rows, are square-shaped and made from brown or golden wood.[4]


  • Narook's Seaweed Noodlery is very popular with teenagers of Little Water Tribe.[6]
  • There are several posters of Tahno hanging on the wall in the section he and the other Wolfbats occupied.[4]
  • This restaurant is Bolin's favorite place to eat.[4]
  • The entrance to the restaurant has door-curtains called Noren, a common trait in many traditional Japanese homes and stores, used as a means of advertising or protecting its interior from the sun and dust.