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Nalu was a warrior from the Northern Water Tribe who escaped from the North to fight the Fire Nation head-on during the Hundred Year War.[1]


As a warrior from the Northern Water Tribe, Nalu could not just sit back and hide behind a wall of ice when he heard what was happening outside the North's borders during the Hundred Year War. He managed to sneak out of the North, causing a small avalanche as he did so, but was nevertheless successful. He managed to journey to the Earth Kingdom.

After hearing Colonel Mongke of the Rough Rhinos ridiculing Northern Water Tribe braids, Nalu poured a cup of hot tea on him. When he was fleeing the colonel, he met a group of fellow rebels and fighters that included Xinyi, Lana, Zimo, and Xiao. They became friends, and Nalu dubbed them his "merry band of rebels".[2] Eventually, the group was hired by Long Feng's spy network to escort a Fire Nation defector, General Onomu, to Ba Sing Se so that she could deliver important war plans.[3]


Nalu was playful and determined, and cared deeply about his group of fellow rebels.[2]


Nalu was a warrior who fought with a traditional Northern Water Tribe war club. While fighting, he could overwhelm others by throwing a punch with all his weight behind it.[2]


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